The 10 Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best shoes for walking on concrete are, then I recommend the Columbia Men’s Waterproof Boot for men and the Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 — Pursuit Walking Shoe for women.

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If you spend a large portion of your day standing or walking on concrete, you’ll require footwear that protects your feet. Support and stability are the main factors, but you may also be searching for a practical design for those long days.

With so many of our parks and walkways being concrete surfaces—not to mention the sidewalks—walking in regular shoes isn’t good enough.

My top selections for the best shoes for walking on concrete in 2020 are:

Issues with Walking on Concrete

If you’re constantly standing and walking on hard concrete floors, have you ever been concerned about the implications this can have on your feet? 

You may experience swollen legs, back pain or varicose veins due to the hard surfaces your feet are exposed to. Whether you stand or walk on this surface, concrete isn’t flexible or soft such as a carpet or grass. The impact of pounding on the floor can send a shock from your feet up to your body, resulting in overall pain or discomfort.

While this can be countered through getting the right work shoes and home treatment, you should still be mindful of walking on concrete surfaces all the time.

How to Limit the Controversy of Walking on Concrete

Due to your job, lifestyle or where you live, you might not be able to limit your time on concrete floors. But there are other strategies you can undergo to reduce the effects of being exposed to hard surfaces.

Adjust Your Standing Positions On A Regular Basis

Standing all day can cause back pain, stiff shoulders and more. As such, it’s important that you be productive to reduce these aches and pains, plus long-term health effects, including general muscle fatigue.

Ensure you switch up from standing on a concrete floor to softer surfaces when you can. This might require you to purchase a soft yoga mat to help cushion your feet. I also recommend sitting after several hours of being stood up.

Ensure You’re Walking and Standing Properly

As we become older and more tired, we’re likely to develop poor standing and walking techniques. 

Ensure your posture is correct when you’re walking, as this will help to counteract the pressures of walking on concrete by evenly distributing the weight and reducing any strains:

  • Avoid slouching, leaning forward and walking with your head down.
  • Keep your shoulders back and relaxed.
  • Engage your core—imagine sucking in your belly button.
  • Don’t lean to the side when you stand.

How to Choose The Right Shoes for Walking on Concrete

It’s not a case of simply buying some comfy-looking shoes, I’m afraid. By focusing on the below factors, you’ll know you’re buying the best-suited footwear.

Stability and Balance

Think about the last time you were on your feet all day. What happened? As the day progressed and your feet and legs started to ache a little bit more? Well if you’re anything like me you start shift on your feet. You move slightly side to side to try and alleviate that pressure. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. That’s just your natural instinct.

But when it comes to purchasing the best pair of work shoes for walking on concrete all day, then you need to take this into consideration. So work shoes that can’t support this natural body movement are not for you. What you’re looking for is a pair of work shoes that are stable and help keep you balanced throughout the day.

Comfort and Cushioning

You may be thinking to yourself, do I really need to shell out on a costly pair of shoes for walking on concrete all day?

And it’s a fair question. What I would say is think about what you put your feet through on any given day. Then think about the time you’re going to spend standing on concrete. Now think about the blisters, the bunions, the pinched toes that come from not buying the best pair of shoes for standing all day. You don’t need to spend hundreds, but you should ensure that any pair of shoes that you do purchase keep your feet comfort and cushioned.

The best shoes come with plenty of cushioning—whether in the form of gel or foam—provide another level of comfort between the sole and your foot. This additional level of comfort makes you less likely to experience shoots of pain or aches.

Also, a cushioned midsole allows your feet to soak in the softness for optimum comfort. Any work shoe worth it’s salt will have a really comfortable midsole. Midsoles lie between the inner and outsoles and can be paid of material such as EVA or memory foam for additional comfort.


Insoles matter, and they matter a lot. You shouldn’t underestimate the power or the relief that you can achieve through a good pair of insoles. So why do they matter? Well if you suffer from one of the many ailments that we talk about in length here on MoccasinGuru, then you may know that problems like pronation, supination, high arches or flat feet can be corrected with insoles.

Also, plush insoles can transform really hard, uncomfortable work shoes into completely wearable options. You’re looking for three things when it comes to insoles; comfort, arch support and shock absorbency.

If you want to find out more about insoles and which ones we recommend for work shoes, then please click here.

If you require something more bespoke, then you’re probably after what is known as a custom orthotic. So when do you need an orthotic? Well as a quick example for you, if one arch is flat and the other isn’t, or it’s a high arch, or if your feet have a length difference. Then you’ll need an expert to make you up a pair perfect for your feet.

The critical difference is that orthotics provide you with exact support for what you need. You do end up paying for them, though. However, if they do provide relief, then you should go for it.

Now here at MoccasinGuru, we don’t recommend any particular provider of Orthotics. But we have done some research on orthotics, and if you want to read a bit more about them, then please click here.


When working on hard concrete or any type of hard surfaces a shoe’s sole is critical to its durability and your safety. I suggest choosing a rubber outsole as you’re less likely to slip on wet surfaces. A durable rubber outsole is also less likely to become worn, limiting your exposure to a hard concrete floor.

It’s also important that the rubber outsole is thick and sturdy so it can absorb most of the impact from being exposed to hard surfaces.

Arch Support

Arch support is critical when it comes to purchasing any pair of shoes. Regardless of whether the shoes are for standing on concrete, or walking on concrete floors all day or for running or anything else. The reason that arch support is so vital is that the arches support your body weight.  

You will fall into one of the following three categories when it comes to arch type; Flat feet, Neutral or High Arches. If you have flat feet, then symptoms may include 

  • Foot pain, particularly around the arch or heel.
  • Difficulty standing on your toes.
  • Ankle swelling, mainly around the inside area.
  • Visually flat feet.
  • An uneven or worn feel to shoes.

If you have high arches, then you will experience more significant pressure on the heel and ball of their foot. This increase in pressure can result in pain and discomfort when you’re on your feet for long periods. Also, your foot won’t be as stable, as it is less able to distribute weight. Therefore you will struggle with your balance.

If you want to know more about your foot type and what type of arches you have then we’ve put together a helpful guide for you. Just click here.


Your safety and the safety that your work shoes can provide you should always be paramount in your mind. On job sites, you may be looking for steel toe shoes. When it comes to safety, there are 4 key things that we would recommend you keep your eyes out for  

  • Protection: You can avoid sprains, cuts, breaks or worse by wearing steel toe shoes. Some work shoes offer protection against electrical shocks, as well, but this isn’t standard across the board.
  • Comfort: Being on your feet all day can take a toll. Comfort and support are essentials, especially if you’re working on concrete all day. Any pair of shoes that you go for should have supportive footbeds, slip-resistant soles and quality laces. We talked about comfort and cushioning at great length earlier. So, I won’t rehash it now.
  • Durability: You want a pair that can last and can take a beating, so to speak, so don’t feel bad about investing in a quality pair. I say this from a place of experience.  
  • Anti-Slip: Water plus hard concrete can often equal an ice rink. So you want to make sure that you’re investing in a pair of shoes that come with an anti-slip or slip-resistant sole. Slips and falls might sound innocuous, but if you keep toppling over, then the law of averages eventually catches up with you. 


We talked about your body’s natural movements over a day when you are on your feet. There is a slight side to side motion and that any new shoes should provide you with the right level of comfort, stability and balance to be able to deal with this. Any pair of shoes that you buy should also be flexible enough to deal with those micro-movements throughout the day. You don’t want a pair of shoes that is so rigid that you keep your feet are planted all day. That’s just as bad as not having any stability. You want a work shoe that has the flexibility that you need. You’re looking for some space between your big toe and the front of the work shoe. I personally always look for a bit of width in the toe box as well. You want to ensure that the heel is in place as well and that there is only a small amount of movement in that area. Think about it, over any day, how many steps are you taking? Is it 10,000? Perhaps 20,000? Or even more. Regardless, you want to ensure that you keep your feet both comfortable and protected. And, that’s why flexibility is so important when it comes to choosing your work shoe.

The Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete All Day

Woman walking on a road

With the above features taken into consideration, I’ve chosen a wide selection of footwear that’s suitable for everyone’s needs and budgets.

1. Columbia Men’s Waterproof Boot

These Columbia boots are available in leather, suede or mesh, making them highly versatile and great for those on a budget.

The traction rubber sole makes them a great choice for those spending most of their time working on concrete floors. With different lugs, these boots are suitable for slippy environments and encourage safety.

With superior cushioning, these shoes have a bouncy effect—making them great if you spend a lot of time walking. The 1.5-inch heel also keeps you slightly elevated from the ground, further adding to shock absorption. They provide great comfort and support through the day.

Compared to shoes, these boots come higher up on your ankle, contributing to ankle support. This is great for those with weak ankles or extra coverage in dirty environments. Plus, the waterproof exterior keeps the footwear durable and reduces wear and tear. This is the best pair of shoes for standing and the best shoes for walking on concrete.

These shoes are available in sizes 7 to 17.


  • Large variety of sizes.
  • Waterproof material.
  • Ankle support.
  • Selection of materials.
  • Traction rubber sole.


  • Not as flexible as shoes.

2. Skechers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

For me, these are among the best men’s shoes for walking on concrete. 

Skechers designed this footwear with excellent traction and a rubber sole. The grip is highly beneficial if you work in an environment that’s prone to water and oil spillages—preventing you from falling or injuring yourself.

For great comfort, the shoes feature a thick memory foam padding on the insole. As a result, the footwear customizes to your foot size and shape. Plus, the cushioned padding helps to absorb impacts from walking on concrete floors all day.

The shoes offer a 2-inch heel to provide additional shock absorption from concrete floors. With a mesh upper, this footwear is comfortable against your skin. They’re also much taller than the rest of the shoes on this list, which offers great ankle support. The supportive overlay helps keep your feet stable as you walk.

The shoes are available in sizes 6.5 to 16.


  • Wide and extra-wide fit available.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • 2-inch heel.
  • Memory foam insole for comfort.


  • No breathable features.
  • Not long-lasting.

3. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 — Pursuit Walking Shoe

Searching for the best women’s shoes for walking on concrete? These are highly versatile for working on concrete or leisurely strolls with friends.

They’re lightweight, helping to reduce any pressure on your feet if you spend a large portion of your day standing or walking. I love that you can slip on the shoes without wasting any time tying laces.

The most impressive feature of these shoes is the Goga Max high rebound footbed. This footbed is designed to absorb shocks as you walk around on concrete. As a result, you’re less likely to develop ankle pains or shin splints.

Designed with a 1.25-inch platform, these shoes provide a level of protection on the heel, so you won’t experience aches from standing on your feet all day.

The shoes are available in sizes 5 to 13.


  • Bamboo lining for odor control.
  • Large variety of colors.
  • Available in a wide fit.
  • Cushioned footbed.


  • Limited grip on the sole.
  • No laces can make the shoes loose.

4. Zyen Women’s Comfortable Walking Shoes

These ZYEN shoes are a great choice for people on the go, thanks to the easy slip-on style without any laces.

The 0.59-inch platform makes them ideal for those with flat feet, as the extra cushioning prevents your feet from pounding against hard concrete floors.

If you wear your shoes for long periods, you’ll appreciate the breathable mesh panel. The mesh material prevents odors from forming while also helping your feet to remain cool.

They’re comfortable to wear all day, too. This is purely down to the flexible fabric upper with an elasticated design—allowing flexibility and a customized fit for everyone.

My favorite feature is the air-cushioned wedge bottom to provide additional support. As a result, your feet are protected against the concrete. The rocker bottom also eliminates stress by evenly distributing the weight across your feet.

The shoes are available in sizes 5.5 to 10.


  • Cushioned wedge heel.
  • Evenly distributes weight across feet.
  • Easy slip-on design.
  • Elastic fiber for flexibility.


  • Limited sizes.
  • Platform might be too high for some.
  • No wide fit available.

5. New Balance Women’s Athletic Walking Shoe

Designed with a shock-absorbing cushioning, these walking shoes help to prevent any injuries and pain when you’re prone to the harshness of hard surfaces. This extra cushioning remains comfortable against bare skin, which is great for hot climates.

New Balance took consideration with every inch of these walking shoes. The leather upper is padded for extra cushioning and softness against your feet. This ensures that the upper doesn’t irritate if you tie your laces tight.

The rubber outsole is grooved in multiple directions, making them suitable for long walks on concrete. This also helps to eliminate any accidents if you’re exposed to slippery surfaces.

The shoes are available in sizes 5 to 12.


  • Excellent cushioning.
  • Padded upper for comfort.
  • Available in narrow, wide and extra-wide fits.
  • Outsole flex groove.


  • Plain design in only two colors.
  • Not as lightweight as the other shoes.

6. Reebok Work Men’s Sublite Cushion Work Industrial and Construction Shoe

The Reebok sublite is a cushioned athletic shoe that combines both flexibility and lightness in a work shoe. You can immediately tell that a lot of thought has gone into the design of this shoe. The Reebok has deep flex grooves, and the sublite foam midsole reduces weight, provides additional comfort and allows for greater range of motion.

Rubber pads provide traction as your heel strikes and at forefoot takeoff which helps minimize weight. They have mesh uppers which makes the shoes extremely breathable. The breathability, due to the mesh uppers makes these shoes a good option for walking or standing on concrete floors all day.

These shoes have a alloy safety toe and a memory tech massage footbed that adapts to the unique contours of your foot. This footbed technology provides optimum comfort for you whilst your standing or walking on hard concrete floors all day.

The sole is made from rubber and beneath it lies deep grooves for maximum traction on slippery surfaces.

On top of that, the shoe’s low-cut design not only makes walking simple but supports ankle mobility as well.

But the shoe does have it’s downsides as well. The toe protector is aluminium, so avoid any metal detectors and the upper material is fabric not leather. So unfortunately it isn’t waterproof.

Overall this is a decent mid-priced shoe. It has some good protective measures and is designed for shock absorption for walking or standing on concrete all day


  • Alloy safety toe
  • Memory tech footbed and foam insole
  • Outsole flex grooves.


  • Not waterproof

7. New Balance Men’s MW411v2 Walking Shoe

The New Balance Men’s MW411v2 Walking Shoe is an all-rounder. You get all round cushioning and support. A breathable upper material. And a range of colors to choose from.

They do come with a narrow heel and a slightly padded collar though. the shoes lining is made from a fully breathable material. And you get all of that combined with a solid sole with some decent shock absorption in the midsole. However, after a while, its shock absorbing ability can fade, making it feel like an ordinary shoe.

The insole is of better quality, it’s also removable so if you have your own then you can easily swap it out. The upper o has lots of breathable perforations that control moisture and keep your feet cool and dry, and are catchy details of the shoe design as well. The lace-up design helps to secure the shoe, so it doesn’t slide off while working.

The New Balance MW411v2 is cheap, breathable, comfortable, and reasonably durable. However it offers very little arch support and based on reports the lifetime of the shoe isn’t as long as some of the others on this list. This is one of the most popular shoes in the market and if you do decide to buy it then you’ll be one of many satisfied customers.


  • Comfortable insole
  • Rubber outsole
  • Good shock absorption
  • Popular with consumers


  • Poor arch support
  • Longevity is in question

8. Saucony Women’s ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

This is an extremely popular choice amongst women. You get a padded tongue and collar which add some little extra support and comfort when needed. Smart-looking and stylish, the Saucony has PROGRID cushioning as well and this combines in one lightweight, versatile shoe. Perfect for indoor or outdoor activities with a plush feeling of overall comfort. These are a great pair of shoes for stranding on concrete floors all day.

You also get a full-grain leather uppers with a forefoot stretch zone. This stretch zone allows your feet to move when needed, ideal for those who pronate. It’s also a highly durable shoe as the rubber outsole provides years of continual wear. These shoes also are regarded as one of the best shoes for standing on concrete all day.

Even though this is an extremely popular shoe and reviews tend to be positive. We’ve rated it lower than most due to the concerns over its traction. Especially in the wet. Given that you’re going to be on your feet all day, you want complete confidence that your shoes are slip resistant. Unfortunately more than a few consumers have commented on how they’ve lost traction, especially in the wet, in these shoes. Based on those concerns this shoe has fallen down our ratings.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Padded Tongue
  • Support and cushioning from the midsole
  • Feels light on the foot
  • Orthotics are very easy to use with these shoes


  • Traction concerns on wet floors
  • Not as slip resistant as others

9. Skechers Women’s Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Work Shoes

The Skechers Sure track Trickel is a part of the Skecher’s work sneakers line. That whole collection is designed to protect both men and women’s feet whilst you’re working and on the job. These work shoes come with safety toe and slip resistant sole as standard.

This shoe comes with memory foam, perforated panels which feel keep your foot cool and comfortable and the FlexSole provides good shock absorption designed to protect your foot from and blows that it might take during the day. You also get a removable cushioned insole topped with memory foam.

The Skechers Sure track trickel comes in medium and wide widths. Some users have complained about these shoes being slightly narrow at the heel. So if that is a concern then I would recommend you go for the wider version of the shoe.

Also if anyone can tell me what the difference is between the black and the charcoal colors I will be forever grateful. Because no matter how many times I look at them, I can’t spot the difference between the two colors.


  • One of the most comfortable shoes
  • Durable
  • Grippy Sole
  • Easy to clean


  • Some users feel that it needs breaking in
  • Narrow heel

10. Asics Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4

The Asics Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4 is a stability walking trainer. This shoe is designed to provide comfort and support for the everyday walker. Previous versions of the shoe were criticized for improper fit. The 4th generation of this shoe rectifies that problem, but also ensures that it retains all of the technologies that made previous versions a success.

You get a Biomorphic fit upper with a breathable mesh that keeps your feet feeling good all day, every day. The midsole is 50% lighter than the regular EVA and provides more than 20% more shock absorption. The midsole employs a DuoMax Support System. This dual-density platform is made of a firm sponge which is strategically placed on the medial side to stabilize the overpronated foot.

The outsole ensures a powerful grip on a variety of surfaces and is extremely durable as well. All in all this is a good all rounder and that’s why it makes the best shoes for walking on concrete floors list.


  • Breathable upper
  • Good arch support
  • Gel cushioning system
  • This shoe is comfortable for long periods of time


  • Midsole and outsole wore off after a few months for some users
  • Narrow toe box

The Winning Shoes for Walking on Concrete All Day

Can’t make up your mind with the above options? Still struggling to pick out the best shoes? Well then, I recommend the Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 — Pursuit Walking Shoe for the ladies. They’re incredibly stylish and flattering, making them suitable for a range of occasions. 

Most importantly, they’re lightweight and feature a shock-absorbing footbed designed for walking on concrete. I’m also a huge fan of the platform to help you remain elevated from the ground.

As a guy, I love the Columbia Men’s Waterproof Boot. These boots offer excellent ankle support, which the other shoes on the list lack. With a bouncy effect, they keep your feet energized if you spend a lot of time on concrete, and are an awesome walking boot. These shoes are not only the best shoes for standing in all day they are also my pick for the best shoe for walking on concrete all day

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