Best Shoes for Doctors

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best shoes for doctors are, then I recommend the SoftWalk Meredith Clog for women and the Skechers Expected Gomel Slip-on Loafer for men.


If you’re a doctor, you’ll spend most of your work life on your feet, so it’s important that your footwear is comfortable and durable. While spending so much time looking after others, it’s time to invest in your foot health. 

Here are the best shoes for doctors in 2020:

Considerations for Buying Shoes for Doctors

As a doctor, you’ll spend time standing, walking and sitting to attend to patients. Most of the time, you’ll be putting pressure on your feet, and during a long shift, you might be prone to poor posture or long periods standing up. 

This is why it’s important that you wear adequate footwear can, so consider these features when hunting for a pair:

Comfortable Insoles

Insoles are important for all footwear—especially for individuals who spend little time sitting. Insoles are beneficial for absorbing pressure from strides and prevent your feet from taking on this pressure.

If you spend a lot of time walking, your heels will eventually become inflamed and even cause a loss of flexibility. To counter this, opt for shoes with insoles. Some shoes offer removable designs, so you can clean them, but be aware that removable insoles don’t always remain still inside of your shoes. If they slip around, this can cause added irritation. 

The more cushioned an insole is, the comfier the shoe, but expect to pay more for this. Memory foam insoles provide a firm feel that absorbs impact, and they’re ideal for combating foot pain from a long day of tending to patients.

Slip-On Design

I’ve intentionally searched for the best shoes with a slip-on design. You’re a busy doctor and don’t have time to stop and adjust your laces during a shift. 

Slip-on shoes are convenient, but they’re also hygienic as you don’t have to make contact with the shoe. Not to mention, they’re professional-looking, eliminate hazards of loose laces and are quick to kick off at the end of a long day.

Air Ventilation

While on your feet all day, they’re bound to become hot and sweaty. Opt for shoes with air ventilation in the form of mesh panels, a low ankle-design and air-cooled insoles. This allows your feet to remain cool and breathe.

Durable Sole

Spending most of your time in a hospital, you’re at risk of slipping on polished floors or slippery surfaces. Take into consideration your footwear’s sole.

I’ve included rubber soles because they’re less prone to wearing out. If you’re on a 12-hour shift, you can’t risk wearing shoes with a low-quality sole that’ll soon develop holes.

I’ve also taken into consideration the traction on the sole. With polished floors, you’ll require a grip that prevents you from slipping over. Shoes that are completely smooth underneath aren’t suitable for a hospital—a lug tread is important to keep you and others safe.


Avoid heavy shoes that require lots of effort to lift off the ground. Lightweight designs eliminate pains as they reduce heel pain and allow you to be quick on your toes. This is important for emergencies!

Reviews of the Best Shoes for Doctors


With the above factors in mind, I’ve searched the Internet for the most comfortable work shoes for doctors. My selection offers excellent comfort and stability, helping you to stay on your feet with limited discomfort.

1. SoftWalk Women’s Meredith Clog

I love that the shoes accommodate your toes by providing enough room for them to move—a feature some shoes don’t include. Plus, they aren’t narrow, which helps to eliminate any pinches or discomfort against your feet throughout the day.

As the name suggests, this footwear provides a soft, cushioned walking experience. The 0.25-inch platform provides a bouncy effect, so you can walk up and down corridors without your heels or arches aching.

The shoes are also ultra-lightweight, which is an essential component if your feet become sore after a long day standing or walking. Plus, the cushioned footbed helps to absorb the impact of your every stride. 

You’ll notice there isn’t much heel to the shoe, but they’re designed with a wedged platform. This allows you to evenly distribute your weight throughout the shoe.

The shoes are available in sizes 6 to 12.


  • Includes a wide-fit option.
  • Platform for a bouncy effect.
  • Lightweight.
  • Cushioned footbed.
  • Great for wide, flat feet.


  • Exterior material cracks easily.
  • Insole isn’t removable for cleaning.

2. Skechers Men’s Expected Gomel Slip-on Loafer

These Skechers loafers are stylish and adopt a casual feel, thanks to the 100 percent mesh.

If your feet become hot after a long day of working, these slip-on loafers are an excellent choice to keep your feet cool. The mesh material allows a breeze to enter and odors to escape. This material also enables a relaxed fit, allowing your toes to move freely.

Inside of the shoe, there’s a memory foam insole, which provides a cushioning effect. When you’re standing or walking all day, your feet require a cushioned footbed that prevents your heels and arches from aching. This feature also helps to absorb impacts from walking on hard floors.

Plus, this insole uses gel, which provides pressure-relief—an ideal feature if you’re prone to aches and pains. The relaxed gel also molds to fit your feet, which provides a custom fit for everyone.

The shoes are available in sizes 6.5 to 16.


  • Memory foam insole.
  • Easy slip-on design.
  • Air-cooled gel footbed.
  • Available in wide and extra-wide fit.


  • Not weatherproof.
  • Not as lightweight as others on the list.

3. Skechers Women’s Relaxed Shoe

Doctors can engage in a variety of environments—from hospital floors to slippery surfaces outside. It’s important that your work shoes are versatile enough for all surfaces. 

These Skechers shoes offer a synthetic sole with excellent grip, making them safe to wear on hospital floors. This sole is also durable, enabling the shoes to last a long time. Plus, they won’t fall apart or lose their shape after several uses. So, if you tend to work long hours, these are a suitable contender.

The highlight of these shoes is the memory foam sole. As soon as your foot slips inside, they’ll experience a cushioned home that’s soft for hours of wear. With a relaxed, slip-on design, these shoes are great for busy doctors on the go; no tricky lace system that could cause a hazard or waste time.

I love the platform, which offers an extra barrier against the floor—making them suitable if your feet tend to become tired after a long day.

These shoes are available in sizes 5 to 11.


  • Made from 100 percent leather.
  • Memory foam midsole.
  • Relaxed, slip-on design.
  • Slip-resistant sole.
  • The insole doesn’t become loose.


  • No wide fit available.

4. Skechers Flex Advantage for Men

These are another of the best shoes for doctors and are also suitable for wearing outside of work, too. They exude professionalism while combining practicality and comfort.

Designed with a synthetic sole, they’re built to last and excel in traction, which is great for polished floors. Also, the sole is gripped, helping to put your safety above everything else.

They’re designed with a mesh upper that feels soft against your skin—ideal if you don’t always wear socks with footwear. Plus, this material offers a breathable quality, preventing a build-up of odor and keeping your feet cool.

You can quickly slip these shoes on and off, which is a great advantage for busy doctors. Plus, this prevents you from having to bend down to adjust your laces—the elasticated sides allow the shoes to stretch slightly to best fit you.

Most importantly, this footwear features a cushioned footbed, helping to absorb the impacts of your steps. The cushioning also soothes your heels and arches to prevent any aching feet after a long shift.

The shoes are available in sizes 7 to 16.


  • Available in a wide and extra-wide fit.
  • Elasticated side for a customized fit.
  • Easy slip-on design.
  • Mesh upper for breathability.
  • Cushioned footbed.


  • Not durable around the heel.
  • Sizes run quite wide, with no narrow-fit option.

5. Earth Origins Tiffany Shoes

These shoes have a professional appearance, helping you to remain suitable for work, but they’re also comfortable and practical for long shifts.

The Velcro strap doesn’t dig into your feet and adapts to your size—a great feature if your feet tend to expand in high heat. In fact, breathability is a huge feature of these shoes. From the mesh panels at the size to the holes on the upper, your feet remain cool the entire time.

These shoes are also long-lasting, which is thanks to the 100 percent upper. They’re also well-designed to not fall apart from excessive wear. Plus, with the rubber sole, they can absorb impact from walks and remain intact against hard floors.

My favorite feature is the extra cushioning around the midsoles, which helps to support arches. This is particularly great if you have high arches or your feet require extra stability.

These shoes are available in sizes 5 to 10.


  • Cooling features.
  • Velcro strap for a customized fit.
  • Extra cushioning around the arches.
  • Rubber sole.
  • 100 percent leather.


  • Limited grip compared to other shoes.
  • Slightly narrow fit.

Final Verdict

Spoilt for choice? I highly recommend the SoftWalk Women’s Meredith Clog for the ladies. The shoes are cushioned and soft on the inside, which protects your feet from aches and pains after a long shift. They also have a bouncy effect, which helps you absorb impact and keep up the pace during a busy workday.

For the men, a great choice is the Skechers Men’s Expected Gomel Slip-on Loafer. These feature a convenient slip-on design and mesh material to keep your feet cool while on the job. Plus, the memory foam insole provides a cushioning effect, so they’re comfortable to wear and protect your feet at all times.

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