The Best Sandals for Flat Feet

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best sandals for flat feet are, then I recommend the Clarks Women’s Leisa Lakelyn Flat Sandal for women and the Rockport Men’s Rocklake Flat Sandal for men.


When the weather gets warmer, it’s time to switch up your footwear. There’s nothing better than ditching those suffocating shoes and slipping some sandals. They’re a great choice to get some much-needed air and UV rays to your feet.

But, if you have flat feet, you’ll require a level of protection and ones customized to your foot type.

Here are the best sandals for flat feet in 2020:

Signs of Flat Feet

Think you need some tailored sandals but not sure if you have flat feet?

There are many symptoms to look out for. If you look at a foot, you’ll notice it has a natural arch in it. If your foot doesn’t have an arch and all of it touches the floor, you have what’s called a flat foot or a fallen arch.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Tired or painful feet.
  • Swelling.
  • Difficulty in moving.

Keep in mind that these symptoms could be something else, too, so consider seeing a podiatrist or a physio to confirm the existence of flat feet.

Tired Feet or Pains

One common sign of a fallen arch is that your feet quickly become tired after a walk or even when standing. You may even experience pain when on your feet for a prolonged time. You’ll typically experience this pain in your legs or your back.

Swollen Feet

When you remove your shoes after a day at work, do they appear swollen? This is another common sign of flat feet. This is because your foot’s arch isn’t helping to absorb the shocks from you stepping on the floor. Instead, your entire foot is feeling the impact of your strides.

Difficulties Moving

Finally, you may notice that it’s difficult to wiggle your toes after standing or walking all day.

Alternatively, you might lack flexibility in your foot—regardless of your movement that day.

Issues with Flat Feet

If you have flat feet, it’s important to wear the right type of footwear for you to reduce the chances of permanent injury and complications down the line. Some common complications include:

  • Bunions.
  • Hammertoes.
  • Shin splints.
  • Inflammation in the ligaments.
  • Arthritis in the ankles or feet.

Features to Consider When Buying Sandals for Flat Feet

Even though I’ve picked out the best of the best, consider these points when shopping:

  • Width.
  • Shock absorption.
  • Durability.
  • Toe space.


Most people with flat feet tend to have a broad foot, too. Since there’s little arch, the foot presses down, making them require more space in shoes.

Never cram your feet into narrow shoes, as this can cause further implications. Look for brands that offer a wide or extra-wide fit to accommodate comfort and protection.

Shock Absorption

Your feet have arches to act as a shock absorber, but for those with flat feet, you’ll require footwear that counteracts this missing feature.

Search for sandals with cushioned insoles. I recommend EVA footbeds, as this means the shoes are padded to absorb the impact of you stepping on the floor.


You want your shoes to last a long time. With this in mind, I’ve picked out some of the top selections with a rubber outsole, as this material is long-lasting and doesn’t wear down with rain.

Look for highly durable materials throughout the rest of the shoe, too. If the sandals come with straps, do they have a secure fastening? Are the straps adjustable to prevent the shoes from falling apart as you walk?

Toe Space

You should have enough room in your sandals that you can wiggle your toe without it coming out of the shoe. If you opt for a closed shoe, your shoe shouldn’t touch the fabric, as this can cause severe discomfort and wear out the shoe.

You can test you have the right size sandal by placing your foot in the shoe. Press your toe right to the front of the shoe, and check that you can fit one finger into the heel without a squeeze. If you can’t, you should choose a size bigger.

The Best Sandals for Flat Feet

Womens Sandals

I’ve searched the Internet for the most stylish and well-designed sandals so you can jazz up your wardrobe and relax in comfort. With this diverse selection, you’re bound to find a pair of footwear you’ll love.

1. Clarks Women’s Leisa Lakelyn Flat Sandal

Clarks designed these sandals with 100 percent leather, so they’re weatherproof and remain durable. As a result, you can wear them for treks in the heat without worrying that they’ll wear out easily.

The most impressive feature is the Ortholite footbed. This foam insole improves comfort by adding a cushioned effect to the midsoles. This is essential for those with flat feet, as you can feel pain and discomfort when standing on your feet for long periods.

I really like the 0.5-inch platform that adds a stylish character to the sandals, making them suitable for special occasions. On top of this, the sandals weigh 2 pounds, which means they’re lightweight and will help to prevent any strain on your feet if you wish to wear them every day.

Also, the hook-and-loop closure provides a generous stretch, so you can customize the fit to your foot width.

The shoes are available in sizes 5 to 12.


  • Available in wide and narrow options.
  • Selection of colors.
  • Available in sizes up to 12.
  • Ortholite footbed adds cushioning.
  • Leather exterior for durability.


  • Sizes run quite narrow.
  • Some reported the strap is quite wide.

2. Crocs Women’s LiteRide Sandal

These sandals are designed with LiteRide footbeds that are made with a soft fabric, are lightweight and remain resilient. These world-class insoles contribute to the overall comfort the sandals offer.

With a platform measuring 0.5 inches, these sandals offer the support that flat feet need without compromising on style.

Also, this footwear is cushioned throughout the midsole, which makes them comfortable and soft to wear for hours at a time. Plus, this feature helps to keep your feet in place—preventing pronation.

Thanks to the elasticated straps, these shoes are designed for comfort and practicality, and won’t dig into your skin like laces or velcro can.

The shoes are available in sizes 4 to 11.


  • Variety of colors.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Adjustable elasticated strap.
  • Straps have the right amount of pressure.


  • Synthetic sole, not rubber.
  • The toe strap isn’t adjustable.

3. Rockport Men’s Rocklake Flat Sandal

Rockport is a reputable brand, adding a level of trust if you’re interested in purchasing these high-quality sandals.

The rubber outsole makes them highly durable for lengthy walks and suitable for walking on a range of terrain. Also, they’re made from leather, which makes them a long-lasting, worthy investment. 

Designed with an EVA footbed, the midsole is cushioned for excellent comfort. This feature makes the shoes an ideal option for long walks on both hard and soft surfaces. As flat feet require cushioning to help absorb impacts from stepping on the floor, these help to reduce any aches and pains when on your feet.

Thanks to the velcro straps, you can adjust the shoes to fit your feet—preventing them from slipping off, especially if your feet expand in high heats. 

These sandals are available with sizing running from 4 through 14.


  • Available in a wide fit.
  • Available in half sizes.
  • Rubber sole for durability.


  • Velcro can become worn quickly.
  • Customers reported the sizes are too small.

4. Clarks Women’s Arla Jacory Wedge Sandal

Looking for sandals that are suitable for the office? This Clarks footwear is a great choice for meetings in the heat without impacting on style.

To prevent pronation, the shoes come with two adjustable straps—this is great if your feet tend to blow up in high heats. Plus, the textile pattern prevents any discomfort, so it remains cool and soft against your skin.

Designed with a rubber sole, these sandals are long-lasting and durable. Plus, they’re easy to clean after each use or if they become muddy.

With a heel height of 1.5 inches and a 1-inch platform, these sandals are stylish, yet practical at the same time. 

The sandals contain multiple layers of cushioning and protection. This includes an EVA midsole, high-density foam and a gripped outsole. These layers contribute to cushioning, so your feet don’t become sore when walking.

The shoes are available in sizes 5 to 12.


  • Available in a wide fit.
  • Textile strap for comfort.
  • Multiple layers of cushioning.
  • Rubber outsole for durability.


  • Heel might be too high for some.
  • No stretch in the textile fabric.

5. Teva Men’s M Langdon Sandal

These are one of the best men’s sandals for flat feet on the market right now. Available in walnut, they’re exceptionally priced, making them a great option if you don’t wear sandals all the time.

They’re designed with a blend of leather and textile, helping to reduce the price. This combination of materials also makes them durable and easy to maintain. Plus, they don’t become too hot to touch in the heat.

Thanks to the velcro straps, you can adjust the sandals to fit your feet, and they’ll remain in place. They also feature a breathable mesh lining to keep them cool in the summer. Plus, the lining prevents odors from building.

My favorite feature is the molded EVA footbed, which provides exceptional cushioning for those with flat feet. This footbed prevents your foot from absorbing shocks, thus, helping to reduce injuries and discomfort.

The shoes are available in sizes 7 to 14.


  • Available in a wide fit.
  • Velcro straps for an adjustable fit.
  • Easy to clean.
  • 1-inch platform.


  • Only one color is available.
  • No support for your heel.

The Winning Sandals

All of the above sandals were chosen based on the features mentioned earlier, plus considering customer reviews.

If I could declare only one pair the winner, it’d be the Clarks Women’s Leisa Lakelyn Flat Sandal. These stylish shoes are elegant—making them great for office and social gatherings. They’re weatherproof with a lightweight design for excellent comfort. They’re also long-lasting, thanks to the rubber sole.

Alternatively, the Crocs Women’s LiteRide Sandal is a suitable daily option. Designed with a soft fabric and extra layers of cushion, they’ll prevent your feet from aching. Plus, the slight platform adds a stylish touch without impacting comfort.

For the guys, I have to go with the Rockport Men’s Rocklake Flat Sandal. Most customers report that they fit as expected, and with the high-quality leather construction, these should provide excellent support for those flat feet.

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