Best Sprinting Shoes

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best sprinting shoes are, then we recommend the Saucony Vendetta Track Spike Racing Shoes as the best pair

Usain Bolt in his Best Sprinting Shoes

Love to run? Or are you just getting started? This intense activity requires the correct footwear to prevent injuries and cushion your feet from the ground.

I’ve searched the Internet for the best sprinting shoes so you can Bolt—see what I did there?—to your heart’s content without footwear slowing you down.

Here are the best sprint shoes of 2020:

Why You Need Sprinting Shoes

You might be wondering why you can’t simply wear your classic sneakers at the back of your wardrobe. As you wouldn’t wear a regular hat for construction jobs, you shouldn’t wear any old footwear for sprinting.

Sprinters wear spikes rather than regular running shoes. These are specifically designed to be lightweight and have studs and/or spikes underneath to grip the track.

Their main features include the following:

Limit Pressure

Sprinting shoes have built-in features that limit the pressure on your feet, legs, and ankle each time you pound the pavement. When you run, your feet absorb two to three times your body weight, so you need footwear that can take this load off you. Overall, this improves comfort—so you’re more inclined to run — and reduces any injuries.

Maximize Your Speed

These shoes have a curved design that encourages you to put your weight on your toes rather than heels. They’re lighter than regular running or walking shoes to alleviate any extra weight, so you can run at your fastest.

The spikes provide as much traction as possible to reduce any slips. Spike plates or pins also offer a gripping action to help you claw your way forward.


When you run, you sweat, so this type of footwear allows hot air to escape, helping your feet feel cooler and offering odor protection. Such materials include breathable mesh panels surrounding the shoe.

Flexible Yet Sturdy

Shoes designed for sprinters are flexible in all the right places. This reduces any restrictions so you can bounce off of your feet with each stride, and run uphill with the shoes bending with you. But, they’re also stiff at the sole, which improves traction and allows you to conquer all types of terrain.

Guide to Choosing the Right Sprinting Shoes 

Before I share the best sprinting shoes, here are some key considerations to bear in mind during your search.

Your Natural Arch

Determine if you have a low, high or neutral foot arch. Dampen both feet and stand on a piece of cardboard for around 10 seconds. 

If you have a low arch, the footprint won’t have much of a curve within the foot. For high arches, there’ll be a noticeable curve between your heel and toes. Neutral arches will have a curve less than half your foot’s width.

Level of Cushioning

Neutral-cushioned shoes have a naturally curved shape to them, which is ideal for those with a high arch. The cushioning helps to absorb the impact against the surface.

Stability shoes have less of a curve to them and are ideal for a natural arch. These shoes provide a cushioning effect while helping you to remain balanced as you run.

If you overpronate—your heel hits the ground first—you need motion-control footwear. This type of shoe provides the maximum amount of support to cushion the blow. It’ll also prevent your foot from rolling in too far, which could cause severe implications down the line. 

Spike Size and Number

You may notice that spikes come in different shapes and sizes. 6mm is generally a good size for track and field events.

9mm is great for wet and muddy conditions, and suitable for cross-country running, though they help you to run faster than regular running shoes. They’re also the maximum length permitted for professional athletic events. Alternatively, 9–15mm is a recommended spike size if you wish to sprint in heavy rain.

Our diverse list of sprinting shoes shows a variety of spike numbers. According to the IAAF, the maximum allowed is 11 per shoe. The fewer the spikes, the more suitable they are for short distance sprints as they reduce weight. Though, opt for a higher number of spikes if you experience aches when running, as this helps to evenly distribute your weight.

How Often Should You Replace Sprinting Shoes?

You can’t experience a high level of protection of support if your shoes become worn. Try to replace your footwear every two seasons. After this amount, the tread and insoles can become damaged — no longer offering you the support you need.

Some runners make the mistake of investigating the shoe’s appearance. Don’t decide your replacement on the condition of the tread. The midsole is likely to damage sooner and is the most important part of the shoe for preventing injuries and cushioning your feet.

The Best Sprinting Shoes

Man racing in Sprinting Shoes

I’ve searched the Internet for the best sprinting shoes money can buy. Each is perfect for running on hard surfaces in the rain and exceeds in comfort to avoid any painful feet during use.

1. Saucony Men’s Vendetta Track Spike Racing Shoe

If you run often, you need sprinting shoes that can keep up with your pace. These shoes by Saucony weigh 5.6 ounces each, making them incredibly lightweight so you can run to your maximum potential.

These shoes come with six spike plates, making them durable and great for running short distances.

I love the engineered mesh material surrounding the shoe to help moisture escape, so your feet can breathe. This material is highly beneficial for your comfort, too, as it’ll adapt and flex to your feet — creating a custom fit.

You’ll receive excellent traction as you race over track, mud, grass and uneven surfaces. Specifically, the flex grooves encourage mud to seamlessly fly off, preventing a build-up of cleaning after each use. Plus, these grooves also improve your safety, so you can hit the roads when it’s icy and raining.

With a carbon rubber outsole, these sprinting shoes remain durable. Also, if you choose to remove the spikes, they provide excellent traction against the ground.

The two color variations are available in sizes 9 to 14.


  • Removable spikes for versatile wear.
  • Incredibly lightweight.
  • Breathable material.


  • Can be a tight fit.
  • Some reported the spikes are unbalanced.

2. Ifrich Track Sprinting Shoes

One of the key elements of these sprinting shoes is the breathable mesh material on the upper. This avoids odor build-up and keeps your feet cool when running to your maximum potential.

Equipped with a honeycomb insole, these sprinting shoes feel soft against your feet and provide a cushioning. This padding helps to relieve any strain on your feet as you run. Also, the spikes are lightweight with excellent traction to reduce the chances of spilling and injuries.

These shoes come with eight metal spikes to keep you grounded. This number balances your weight to relieve stress and tension on your feet.

Fortunately, these sprinting shoes come with a sturdy, yet cushioned back to keep the shoes in shape. This helps to improve the footwear’s durability as well as provide an additional layer of protection for runners.

Current sizing runs from a 1.5 to a 10.5, and the shoes are available in:

  • Black.
  • Blue.
  • Pink.
  • Kids’ blue.


  • Available in wide sizes.
  • Four colorful designs to choose from.
  • Lightweight and anti-slip spikes.


  • Spikes aren’t as thick as in other shoes.
  • Some reported sizing is tight.

3. Asics Hyper MD 6 Track Shoes

Weighing 7 ounces, these are incredibly lightweight shoes. But the minimal weight doesn’t mean they lack durability or support. The heel is crammed with cushioning to protect your feet as you sprint, hurdle and jump.

The track spikes measure 6mm, helping you to remain connected to the ground — even when running through muddy routes. This is particularly great for short-distance hurdles. 

To aid comfort, the mesh material provides a sock-like thinness to keep the footwear glued to your feet. This also improves stability by preventing your feet from becoming unstable as you stride.

The standard yellow and black design is striking to make this footwear one of our favorites on this list. With a seamless upper construction, the comfort is maximized while allowing you to have your laces tightened without any pressure on your feet.

Sizing ranges from 7.5 through 12.


  • A great introduction to sprinting shoes.
  • Stylish design.
  • Spikes improve traction.


  • Tight fit may make sizing difficult.
  • No cushioning to absorb impact.

4. Asics Men’s Hypersprint 6 Track and Field Shoes

ASICS designed these shoes with a streamlined silhouette so you can enjoy a comfortable and stable feel. They’re stylish and fashionable and feature a nylon spike plate for increased durability and excellent traction.

The nylon five-spike plate is great for short-distance sprints with other activities, such as hurdles. This provides excellent traction and balances your weight when you land.

These shoes are flexible, so your feet can move freely. Plus, the combination of mesh and leather upper offers support for your ankles while also making the shoes breathable.

Designed with an EVA footbed, these shoes support your feet by reducing shocks absorbed to your midfoot with each stride. They’re also cushioned, helping you to pick up speed and not feel the impact from running on uneven surfaces. 

Current sizing is from 7.5 through 12.


  • Excellent value for money.
  • EVA footbed for cushioning.
  • Mesh and leather upper.


  • Only available in white.
  • Don’t stretch easily.

5. Altra Escalante Running Shoe

To me, these are the best sprinting shoes without spikes. This is partly due to the Zero Drop Platform that ensures your heel and forefoot are the same distance from the ground. This offers a low-impact landing, so you can use these shoes for high-intensity sports and gym workouts. Many users complement how the Zero Drop feature pushes them to run at their fastest.

They’re also designed for stability and allow your toes to wiggle while keeping your big toe in a straight line for maximum power. These sprinting shoes are flexible to remain comfortable for long wear and adapt to the shape of your feet.

Altra’s sprinting shoes are lightweight and soft — two important components for fitness gurus. Designed with a stiff midsole, this footwear encourages a fast sprint while also supporting your feet to prevent injuries.

Right now, you can grab this in a 7 to a 14.


  • Lightweight knit upper.
  • Rubber sole for durability.
  • Great for those with a neutral pronation.


  • Men’s sizes are narrow, while women’s are smaller.
  • Poor customer service.

Sprint It Out

Running is a vigorous sport, and as well as a healthy, balanced diet, you need the correct footwear to push your abilities. 

Our overall winner is the Saucony Men’s Vendetta Track Spike Racing Shoe. It features a rubber sole for durability and is available in stylish colors. Of particular importance is the Pebax spike plate, which is stiff and lightweight to help maximize your performance and offer support.

The shoes are also lightweight and feature a mesh upper to make them breathable and comfortable against your skin.

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