Best Insoles For Flat Feet

If you’re in a hurry and want to know what the best insoles for flat feet are, then I recommend the VoMil Shoe Insoles


Having flat feet can be uncomfortable, and it can be really difficult to buy appropriate shoes.

So, what’s the answer?

Insoles for flat feet! They’re an excellent solution to alter the shape of the standard insole, allowing you to wear regular shoes for longer, maximizing comfort and minimizing pain.

The best insoles for flat feet are:

Defining Flat Feet

Medically referred to as ‘pes planus,’ flat feet is where your feet have low arches or where the arches have fallen completely. 

Usually, we have a natural arch in our feet, which helps with stabilization and balance when moving. When placed against an even surface, the heel and ball of the foot will lay flat, but there’ll be a gap in between where the arch forms. 

With flat feet, as you can probably guess, the foot doesn’t have that arch and, therefore, lays entirely flat on the surface.

Sometimes, those with flat feet won’t experience any complications. Others can face discomfort and pain, particularly when walking or standing for long periods. 

What Causes Flat Feet?

Flat feet can be an inherited condition, but it can also be caused by traumatic injuries, such as tearing a ligament or dislocating a bone. 

Other reasons include rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure. If you have one of these conditions, why not incorporate exercise into your daily routine and invest in some specific insoles? Just be careful of the type of exercise you do to minimize the pain.

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Which Shoes Are Best for Flat Feet?

Finding suitable shoes can be a difficult task. You can buy specially made orthopedic shoes, but these can be expensive and aren’t usually very stylish. 

Your best option would be to invest in a good pair of insoles that are designed for flat feet. That way, you can still keep up with the latest fashion footwear trends, and you can slip the insoles into your favorite shoes and remain comfortable. 

How Do Insoles Work for Flat Feet?

While you may not be able to control the way your feet are, you can control how shoes feel when you wear them by using insoles.

Insoles that are designed for flat feet will have an arch in them, which mimics the natural position that the foot should have. In doing so, the foot is better supported and is stable when moving. This helps to reduce the risk of injury and keeps the ankle straight. 

Insoles also have added cushioning for comfort, so you can carry on with your favorite exercises and activities for longer. 

What Type of Insole Is Best for Flat Feet?

It can be confusing knowing which type of insole is best for supporting flat feet. Your feet need an arch mimicked by the insole to create better support and stability, but if the arch is too high, then it’s going to feel unnatural and uncomfortable. 

The best insoles for flat feet all have a small curve in them to form an arch in the foot, but some curves are firmer than others. This results in different feels and levels of comfort.

Also, the insoles should have plenty of cushioning to absorb shock and impact as you move, providing further comfort and minimizing injury. 

What are the Two Types of Flat Feet?

Rigid Flat Feet 

If your feet are flat when you stand on them and also when they’re unweighted, then you have rigid flat feet. 

The best insoles for maximum support with rigid flat feet have a low arch height, as anything higher will place too much stress on the foot and will be painful.

Flexible Flat Feet

If your feet are flat when you stand but show a small arch when unweighted, then you have flexible flat feet. You’ll be able to withstand a higher arch support than people with rigid flat feet. 

The best insoles will have a medium arch height, as they’ll support you better and give you greater stability. 

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Best Insoles for Flat Feet: The Reviews

I’ve hand-selected five of the best insoles for flat feet, which you can slip into your shoes to give you the needed support, stability and comfort.

My choices are based on reviews and recommendations from users who’ve tried and tested them.

1. VoMil Shoe Insoles 

Made from high-quality fabric, velvet and rubber, these insoles are durable and strong, so they’ll last for hundreds of miles. The EVA material used is environmentally friendly, too, and helps to keep your feet pain and blister-free.

The fabric is breathable, so your feet stay cool even on the hottest of days. It absorbs moisture, too, soaking up any sweat and keeping your feet dry. 

A gel pad in the heel helps to relieve stress and pressure while absorbing shock and impact as you move. An additional cushioning pad is located in the front of the insole, keeping the ball of your foot free from discomfort and pain.

Deep U-shaped heel cups cradle the heel, improving stability and offering extra support to your feet and ankles. They help to keep your feet vertical, correctly abnormal walking patterns and reducing the risk of injury. 

The heel cups also stop the feet from turning inwards, further minimizing damage to the muscles or ligaments. 

Arch supports in the middle of the insoles help to reduce stress on the knees, ankles and feet by encouraging flat feet to naturally curve. Also, the soft material cushions your feet so you’re able to wear shoes comfortably all day long.

Get these insoles in sizes 6 to 12.5 for men and sizes 7 to 11.5 for women.


  • Help to prevent nasty foot odor. 
  • Suitable for men and women. 
  • Size adjustable, and can easily be cut down with scissors.
  • Supports all arch types.
  • Fit inside all types of footwear. 


  • Insole lining can be a bit slippery when worn with socks. 

2. Physix Gear Shoe Insoles 

These insoles feature a low profile design, which supports flat feet without placing too much pressure on the center of the foot. They’re ultra-thin, yet being made of strong PU material and EVA foam, they’re durable and long-lasting.

Their thin design means you can add them in on top of the shoe insole without feeling like you’re too high or need to remove the shoe’s original sole.

The small profile in the center creates a natural arch for the foot, reducing strain from lower limbs and supporting the ankles. 

Deep heel cradles support your heels and keep them in place while improving stability as you move. 

With a double layer of foam, your feet have plenty of cushioning to absorb shock and allow you to move freely while minimizing the risk of injury. Also, cushioning in the heel and toe box provides pressure relief to the heel and ball of your feet, minimizing pain and discomfort. 

The top layer of fabric is coated in an anti-microbial coating, which eliminates odors and odor-related bacteria. 

They’ll conveniently fit inside any shoe, and will help to correct abnormal walking patterns that put strain on the feet and ankles, ultimately minimizing the chance of bone or muscle injury from occurring. 

Available in sizes 3 to 14.5 for men and sizes 5 to 16.5 for women.


  • Non-slip.
  • Lightweight. 
  • Can be trimmed down to perfect size.
  • 100 percent risk-free purchase.
  • Large toe box.


  • Not suitable for narrow shoes.

3. PCS Sole Shoe Insoles 

The thin design of these insoles makes them easy to fit inside most shoes while still giving your toes enough room to move comfortably. 

Friction and movement are minimized through the stabilizing heel cradle that locks the heel into place. This also helps to keep the foot bone in a vertical position, which enhances stability and reduces the risk of injury occurring. 

A mix of EVA foam and latex materials ensure durability while providing long-lasting support and comfort for your feet. The material will also absorb moisture, keeping your feet cool and dry all day long. 

Cushioning in the insoles provide extra support and also absorb shock and any impact your feet face while moving. Also, pressure will be relieved from the heel area of the foot due to the cushioning latex pad located underneath, giving you a more comfortable experience while walking.

They’re suitable for all shoe types, including work boots, sneakers, slippers and casual shoes. They’re easy to pop in and out, so you can use the same insoles every time you change your shoes to match your outfit. 

Men’s sizes are available from 4 to 13.5, and women’s sizes are available from 6 to 14.5.


  • Sizing suitable for both men and women. 
  • Can be washed with soapy water.
  • Spacious toe box.


  • Memory foam loses shape after regular use.
  • Insoles can smell of chemicals, especially when brand new.

4. WalkHero Shoe Insoles 

Built to ease stress and pain caused by flat feet, these insoles help to relieve foot pressure using soft material to cushion and comfort. 

Deep heel cups offer stability and help to maintain the correct positioning of the foot, which stops the feet from rolling inwards and leading to injury. The cups also offer protection for the heel as they absorb shock.

The EVA material used also works to absorb shock, and the fabric is breathable and will keep your feet cool and dry all day. The manufacturer claims the material has been treated to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria, preventing nasty foot odors from occurring.

Designed for everyday use, these insoles will fit into all types of shoes, so you can easily move them from one pair to another. They’re also thin, so your feet won’t feel strange while using them, but they’ll still give you plenty of room to move your toes.

Silicon cushioning built into the heel provides extra comfort for feet, relieving soreness and reducing pressure placed on the heel.

Available in sizes 6 to 14.5 for women and sizes 4 to 12.5 for men.


  • Available in four different colors.
  • Arrive in a handy zip-lock bag. 
  • Friendly customer service. 
  • Non-slip material keeps feet in place.
  • Lightweight. 


  • Minimal support for the ball of the foot.
  • Material doesn’t wear very well.

5. Nazaroo Shoe Insoles 

Lightweight and thin, these removable insoles can easily be placed from one shoe to the next, so you’re free from discomfort every time. 

Multi-layer technology provides maximum comfort and protection for your feet, so you can wear shoes for longer. Also, cushioning protects the feet from impact as the insoles work to absorb shock while you move.

A deep heel cradle keeps your foot bones vertical and protects feet from rolling inwards. It stabilizes the feet and reduces the risk of injury occurring in any of the lower limbs.

Built-in silicone gel pads in the heels provide extra protection, stability and comfort for the heels and also help to absorb shock. 

The breathable material layer on top lets your feet breathe, so they stay cool and dry at all times. This helps to maximize comfort and reduce any foot odors from forming.

Arch supports are strong, keeping the foot in a natural arched position. This improves your foot’s alignment and stability, reducing stress to the feet, knees and ankles.

Available in sizes 4 to 16.5 for men and sizes 6 to 14.5 for women.


  • Available in six different colors.
  • 100 percent money-back guarantee. 
  • Fits most types of footwear. 
  • Durable construction. 


  • Arch support isn’t very supportive. 
  • Some users report that the material causes feet to sweat.

Special Mention. Soul Insoles Shoe Bubble-micro Size Orthotic

So these go in as a special mention rather than as part of the traditional top 5 but they are just as good as any on the list and probably better than most. What you get here is a micro size orthotic.

So why a micro orthotic instead of a full insert you may ask. Well it comes down to fit, with the full size inserts you have to measure them up and makes sure that they fit exactly. There are plenty of times that you have to buy shoes that are a size to big so your inserts fit, and even then it could be hit or miss, these inserts completely eliminate the need for that.

The material is a soft memory gel that you place in your shoe at the arch. The Soul Insole orthotic is designed to fit into any type of shoe. The memory gel is also medical grade so it maintains it shape and you get a long life expectancy of the product as result of this

The gel is very flexible and helps to absorb shock. In addition, this product is also washable (water, but no soap) and make sure you leave it to air dry. This is an important feature to note, as after you wash and dry your insoles, the adhesive regenerates.

Available in sizes 5 to 11+ for men and sizes 4.5 to 12+ for women.

Soul Insole Orthotic Inserts


  • Great for all different types of shoes
  • Supports multiple conditions (flat feet, high arches, plantar fasciitis). 
  • Very easy to clean 


  • Can be difficult to position correctly
  • Some complaints about not sticking in place


It’s definitely easier to find insoles that accommodate flat feet than it is to find shoes. It’s also a lot cheaper, as you can use the same pair of insoles inside endless pairs of shoes.

The best insoles for flat feet, in my opinion, are the VoMil Shoe Insoles. They have additional cushioning in two areas, which will relieve pain and pressure from the heel and the ball of the foot.

Also, the heel cups are deep, providing great stability for the feet and ankles. The material is also breathable and comfortable to wear against your feet all day long. 

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