Best Boxing Shoes

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best boxing shoes are, then we recommend the Adidas Adizero as the best pair.

Boxers inside a ring

Your shoes play a role in almost everything you do. Boxing is no exception. 

Your footwear is as essential as your gloves and mouthguard. But with so much variety available, choosing the right pair is as hard as your punches. That’s why I tracked down the best boxing shoes on the market for you.

Here are the best boxing shoes of 2020:

Why You Need Boxing Shoes

The most obvious need for boxing shoes is protection. Some tough guy stomping on your toes in the ring isn’t ideal. It’s worse if he’s wearing shoes and you’re not.

Some less obvious reasons include:


Things are bound to get heated while boxing. Boxing shoes with the right features let sweat evaporate or get soaked up quickly. This prevents slipping accidents bare, sweaty feet can cause.


Boxing matches have quick movements. It’s easy to slip in your bare feet. Boxing shoes with traction make sure you’re stable. Steering away from flat, smooth soles is a must. 


Average peoples’ feet take three times their body weight when running. Add jumping, dodging, and the higher muscle mass of a boxer—imagine what the feet take on then.

Shoes help absorb shock and take pressure off your feet. Boxing shoes should be lighter, though, keeping you moving with speed and agility. Look out for that when choosing a pair.

What to Look for in Boxing Shoes

Besides weight and a tread pattern for traction, there are more features to be mindful of. They set the good apart from the great and keep your feet prepared and protected.

This should help you pick a boxing shoe, or the best boxing shoe alternative if you’re not ready to go for real ones just yet.


Boxing shoes should be tough yet light. Being lightweight lets you stay swift and easy-moving. Toughness lets your shoes withstand some toe-stomping incidents without shredding.


Leather is regarded as tough by many, but can be light. It’s used in a variety of shoes. A leather or suede upper works well in boxing shoes. Synthetic materials can also be considered, as they’re usually optimized for the shoe’s purpose.


Rubber usually has some give to it when made for shoes. It can take pressure without being painfully solid. It’s also excellent at gripping the ground for traction.

Similar synthetic materials can also be used in the soles. Again, they’ll be optimized for the shoe’s intended use.

Rubber and similar materials are also incredible shock-absorbers—something that’ll be useful in the ring.


Though the materials should be strong and durable, the design should let your feet breathe. A mesh area or small holes on the upper should help with this.

Forging direct breathability, moisture-wicking lining is the next best thing. Anything that keeps your feet dry during the match.

Sweaty feet can be uncomfortable and make your shoes smell. Excessive perspiration can also lead to friction-related injuries

Even in well-fitting shoes, moisture allows your feet to slip against the interiors. If this happens for long enough, you may get a nasty friction burn or blister for your trouble.


Although grip on the ring’s surface is important, the shoe’s grip on you is equally so. Ill-fitting shoes will be more of a hindrance than a help mid-match.

Footwear that’s too small or big can cause foot ailments. This can lead to pain, discomfort, and injury.

Badly-fitted shoes themselves may cause injury. Imagine you take a step, but your shoes are too large. The shoes slip down, your step lands on the edge. Unbalanced, you roll and injure your ankle.

Make sure your shoe grips close from the ankle down. If they fit as well and closely as socks, they won’t negatively impact fluid movements.

Keep this in mind when shopping. Don’t go for shoes that’ll be baggy, unreliable, or stretch out quickly. A tight, correct fit is key.


Straps correspond directly with grip. They’re like seatbelts for your feet and keep everything fitting tightly. This offers stability so you can power on without issues.

Not all boxing shoes share this feature, but it’s a bonus if they do. Anything that keeps you strong and steady is a desirable aspect of the best boxing shoes.


If your laces aren’t tied properly, you’re in for trouble.

A loose lace can cause tripping, or a tight shoe to start slipping. Make sure they extend all the way along the shoe and be mindful of their quality.

Tying them is easy. Ensure that the tongue is fully extended, and the laces are pulled tight.

Once laced and tightened to the top, wrap the laces around your ankle or leg. This helps obtain a tighter fit. Then tie them like would on any other shoe and tuck any stray ends away.

Tucking the ends back into the shoe should work well. Some shoes come with a pocket in the tongue, that’s something to look out for.


Given all the movement, boxing is jarring for the ankles. Remember the bodyweight the feet take? The ankles are right there with them.

Joint injuries are easy to come by. That’s why supporting them is vital. 

Look for a shoe design that keeps your ankles tucked away in some padding. This keeps them safe from exterior injury and absorbs shock around them. Make sure your shoes come up well above the ankle, too—though that’s near standard in boxing shoes.

The Five Best Boxing Shoes

With all that in mind, the time to dive in is here. So you can relax before your next match, I’ve done the work for you. Here’s a roundup of the five best boxing shoes.

1. Adidas Adizero

Adidas has a shoe for every occasion—boxing is no exception. Thanks to its renowned popularity, you can be sure the Adizero shoes are high-quality. Adidas wouldn’t allow anything less.

These shoes hit most of the marks at a glance. They’re mesh and synthetic textile for breathability and optimal design. This encloses your foot beyond the ankle, laced top to bottom. You’re sure to be secure.

This mesh shoe is sturdy and made to fit like a sock. This should aid comfort and safety. Mesh is also lightweight, so you know these are meant for high-energy boxers who don’t want to be weighed down.

A rubber sole helps you stay light, yet protected from harsh landings. Rubber is perfect for flexibility, protection, and traction—while still allowing you some sliding.

The standout feature of these shoes is a pocket in the tongue. This allows you to tuck your laces away, ensuring you don’t trip. Something you don’t want to overlook.

These may be the best boxing shoes for beginners and pros alike. Simple yet effective.


  • Highly flexible.
  • Pocket.
  • Extremely breathable.


  • Difficult to break in.
  • Odor lingers.

2. Otomix Warrior Boxing Shoes

Otamix’s Warrior Boxing Shoes are great for people who need extra room in the toes. They feature an extra-wide toe box for necessary accommodation.

Another known brand in the extreme sports world, Otomix promises robust yet light shoes. This lets you stay protected while effortlessly bouncing around the ring.

Further protection comes in the extra ankle support—perfect for reducing strain on those vital joints. 

The thin sole is rubber with incredible grip. The uppers are polyester. Not the most popular choice, but a light, moisture-wicking fabric nonetheless. These features crafted a well-made, supportive shoe that should suit many peoples’ wants and needs.


  • Durable but light.
  • Highly supportive.
  • Great traction.


  • Quite flat.
  • Unsuitable for narrower feet.

3. Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes

Ringside’s shoes are definitely undefeated. Undefeated in how high they go up the leg! This pair of shoes should have you gripped and protected well beyond the ankles and headed up the shin and calf.

These boxing shoes are stylish yet intimidating. However, the style doesn’t outweigh the substance. For instance, they feature incredible traction to stop you sliding on the followthrough of your hardest punches. The rubber soles can keep you steady fighting in—and practicing outside—of the ring.

The breathable nylon mesh should keep you comfortable and sweat-free while boxing. Surrounding the nylon is leather, tough and durable, just what you need. Both materials are also light, keeping you dancing around your opponent with ease. 

A lightweight shoe is not only easy to move in, but it helps combat fatigue. The less weight you’re hauling, the more energy you save. 

These high-top, non-slip boxing shoes are the perfect tool to aid your performance. Laced top to toe, you should be snug and safe throughout your endeavors.


  • Stylish.
  • Supportive.
  • High-top for extra protection.


  • No padding on the soles whatsoever, so no shock absorption either.
  • Sizes run on the bigger size—going a size down is recommended.

4. Adidas Combat Speed.5

Did you like the idea of an Adidas shoe but want one with a strap? Perhaps this pair will better suit your requirements. They feature a strap across the top, so you’re well gripped and buckled in.

The textile and synthetic uppers should keep you safe while the strap offers security. The laces travel the whole way up to the strap, ensuring a tight fit throughout. Meanwhile, the mesh in the uppers makes sure your feet are breathing and comfortable.

Something interesting about these shoes is their sole. They feature a grippy area in the heel and toe. Smoothness surrounds these and goes in between. The flat areas with no tread pattern are thinner, so more flexible. This is great for agility and perfect for a boxer who likes to be on their toes mid-match.

The soles and uppers are sewn together with a chic suede leather outsole. A stylish and durable transition from one to the other.

Once again, Adidas has provided a close fit that’s almost sock-like. Perfect for a stable and well-protected boxing match.

 Another pair that could be the best boxing shoes for beginners. They’re not over-the-top while hitting all the required marks.


  • Not too expensive—great beginner shoe.
  • Narrow fit that’s great for women—despite the shoes being marketed towards men.
  • Soles are a perfect balance of traction and flexibility.


  • Unsuitable for wide feet.
  • Straps aren’t great for thicker ankles.

5. Reebok Boxing Boot

Here’s an excellent pair of mid-cut boots with a strap, providing extra grip on your feet and past your ankles. Sturdy laces extend well beyond the strap and up to the top of the shoe.

A breathable mesh surrounded by synthetic textile goes from toe to top. That keeps you sweat-free and comfortable throughout your use. The rubber sole provides flexibility and traction for effortless movement and stability in the ring.

These boxing shoes have EVA foam midsole cushioning for shock absorption. This makes them heavier than others I’ve reviewed, but they’re still lightweight. In fact, the EVA foam adds to their comfort. They don’t fit like socks, but they keep you protected and cushioned nicely.


  • Extreme comfort.
  • Straps for extra stability.
  • Great ankle support.


  • Small fit—consider going up a full size.
  • Few sizes available.

The Shoe That Packs a Punch

Boxer training

My pick for the best boxing shoes is the Adidas Adizero. They hit all the requirements.

They’re breathable but have adequate protection. They come up above the ankles, for safety, stability, and support. And once you get over the difficult break-in period, they should feel like socks.

The sock-like fit is excellent for staying agile and on your toes. This makes it easy to pivot, bounce, and get the job done. It’s a better fit than some other bulkier shoes as it keeps things feeling natural. You can keep your mind on the match with no thought spared to your feet.

I really like the pocket-in-tongue idea, too. You can tuck your laces into any shoe, but this makes it easier and looks neater. When you look good, you feel good. That’s the formula you need to win.

Plus, this forward-thinking pocket inclusion bodes well for showing how much Adidas cares about your needs. Supplying the best shoes currently available is incredibly important.

Adidas can only improve as time goes on. These shoes should stay with you until there are better ones made.

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