Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best basketball shoes for flat feet are, then we recommend the Adidas Own The Game as the best pair

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I haven’t suffered from flat feet personally, but I’ve done some extensive research, and there’s no need to let flat feet stop you from scoring that winning hoop in basketball. As long as you have the right shoes, there’s no need for you to be sitting on the bench.

I’ve found the best basketball shoes for flat feet, so you can keep playing your favorite sport comfortably and safely.

The best basketball shoes for flat feet of 2020 are:

What Are Flat Feet?

Medically referred to as ‘pes planus,’ flat feet is where your feet have low arches or where the arches have fallen completely.  There are however three main foot types. So it’s worth making sure you know yours.

For those with a natural arch in their feet, when placed against an even surface, the heel and ball of the foot will lay flat, but there’ll be a gap in between. With flat feet, as you can probably guess, the foot doesn’t have that arch and, therefore, lays entirely flat along the surface.

Flat feet

Some people experience no problems with flat feet, whereas others can experience pain and discomfort at times. That’s why the right pair of shoes must be worn to provide the extra support needed.

What Causes Flat Feet?

There are lots of reasons why a person has flat feet:

  • Inherited.
  • Caused by an injury to the ankle or foot.
  • A result of arthritis or other muscular diseases. 

How Does Having Flat Feet Affect My Basketball Performance?

A regular foot arch helps promote stability and evenly distributes weight. With flat feet, you don’t have this, and so you need a bit of extra help to support your feet and ankles.

You may not be in control of your flat feet, but you are in control of the shoes you put onto your feet. Trust me: it makes a big difference and will affect your basketball performance. 

You shouldn’t stop playing basketball just because you have flat feet, but you should take a few extra precautions to protect yourself. 

Basketball requires players to run lengths of the court, as well as regular jumping. The more you do this, the more pressure you’re putting on your feet. If you don’t have the correct footwear, you run the risk of injuring yourself. 

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Factors to Consider for Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet 


Having flat feet can affect your stability, especially when running lengths of the court and jumping to get the ball through the hoop. This is because your knees overcompensate, and your feet may also roll when you land onto them.

The best basketball shoes for you will be those that provide extra stability, which is found in the sole and the sides of the shoe.


Without extra support in a shoe, you’re more at risk of injury, especially when jumping and going coast to coast.

Shoes that lace up provide the best support. You should also look out for shoes that offer extra ankle support, and have a padded tongue. 


The more cushioning that a basketball shoe has, the greater it’ll absorb shock when you pivot, run or jump. A natural foot arch would usually help with this, but with flat feet, the shoe is used to mimic this design.

Cushioning should be particularly present in the sole.


If you’re going to last the full length of the game, you need to ensure your shoes are comfortable to reduce any foot pain. 

Shoes with good air flow will let your feet breathe and provide extra comfort as your feet naturally sweat from the intensity of the game.

Soft yet strong material on basketball shoes ensures your feet are comfortable but well-supported. 


Basketball puts a lot of stress and pressure on the feet. Your shoes need to be designed for this. 

Good quality basketball shoes will last and stand the test of time and will be built to withstand impact. 

A good quality sole will ensure that you’re playing to the best of your ability as they’ll provide the feet with a natural bounce and avoid them feeling sluggish.


Your feet must fit well inside your shoe, and they shouldn’t feel too big or too small. They should be snug, so your feet aren’t moving around freely inside, but they shouldn’t feel tight or uncomfortable. 

For flat feet, you’ll want to look out for wide basketball shoes. This will give your foot more space to naturally spread out and promote comfort. 

Consider measuring your feet, including the width and the length, especially if you’re buying online. This way, you can be sure the pair of shoes you want will fit you perfectly.

Nike basketball shoes

The Five Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet 

Ok, here they are! After watching a lot of footage of Jordan’s iconic free-throw-line dunk, I managed to pull myself away and bring you the best of the best:

These Adidas wide basketball shoes are perfect for flat feet, as they provide extra space for them to naturally spread out inside the shoe. 

Cloudfoam cushioning technology in the soles of the shoes makes your feet feel as if they’re walking on clouds. The cushioning adds extra comfort while soaking up vibrations as you run up and down the court. 

High necks on the shoes provide ultimate ankle support, which is key for giving you extra stability as you land after jumping. Also, the lace-up system will give you added security, ensuring your feet are fully supported while moving.

Dual-zone traction on the outsoles means you won’t slip on the smooth surfaces. Your feet will grip the floor, giving you the power to move quickly against your opponent. 

The rubber toe cap ensures your toes are safe while in-game, and are protected from any physical contact from others. 

Synthetic leather makes the shoes look classy and smart; however, air holes ensure your feet can breathe naturally and remain comfortable. 

The material is strong and of good quality, so you can be sure that these shoes will last a long time, and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of them. 

These are currently available in a size 6.5 through to a 15.


  • Three different color combinations. 
  • Wide padded tongue.
  • Large toe box.


  • Customers mention that the sizes run big.

2. Under Armour Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoes 

A combination of materials used on these shoes ensures durability while providing maximum comfort. Quality leather is used for the majority of the shoe; however, it’s perforated, so there are plenty of air holes to allow airflow to your feet. 

The top part of the shoes is made from a breathable mesh material that will prevent your feet from getting hot and sweaty while you’re playing. 

Sock liners inside the shoe are breathable and lightweight, so your feet won’t feel weighed down and will have the freedom to move. 

Added cushioning and support can be found in the soles of the shoes to provide greater stability and maximum comfort. The cushioning will absorb some of the shock as you move and jump, so you can play a painless game for longer.

Molded soles of the shoes provide a responsive fit, holding your feet in place while allowing them the freedom to move against impact. 

Traction patterns on the soles of the shoes are multi-level adaptive, giving you perfect control and balance as you move around and taunt your opponent. Made from rubber, you can be sure that they won’t wear down and will remain in-tact for many games and practices.

These shoes are available in sizes from a 7 to a 16.


  • High cut.
  • Six different color options. 
  • Lace-up system. 


  • There are reports that the sizing runs small.

3. Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes 

With this Beita pair, molded heel shields help to improve performance while providing stability and support for the feet and ankles to minimize the risk of injury. The cushioning also helps to withstand impact and protect your feet as you jump and land.

Good quality leather makes these shoes durable and wear-resistant, and they’re also fully weatherproof, making them ideal for outdoor balling. 

With perforations and an added mesh design, the shoes are fully breathable and will keep your feet dry. These also help to reduce odor as your feet will have a natural airflow to keep them cool and less sweaty.

The sole cushioning is strategically placed to keep your feet locked into place and prevent them from moving. This minimizes injury and ensures maximum comfort for your feet.

A unique traction pattern design on the outer sole makes them anti-skid, so they’ll grip to any floor surface that you’re playing on. This provides added stability and control as you move around the court.

Lastly, the high neck on the shoes provide ultimate ankle protection and help to secure your feet inside. 


  • Wide padded tongue. 
  • Lace-up system. 
  • Nine different color combinations. 
  • Rubber toe cap.


  • There are reports that the laces are short.
  • Some customers received their shoes poorly packaged.
  • Be aware that the sizes run large.

4. Peak Basketball Shoes 

If you’re a Lou Williams fan, you’ll love that these shoes are designed with his cartoon logos. If you’re not, you’ll just see a pair of basketball shoes with a strikingly colorful design printed on them. Either way, these shoes are very appealing to the eye.

The soles stand out for me—they’re designed to offer better-structured support and stability by locking the feet into place with strategically placed cushioning and pads. This not only reduces the risk of injury but also lets you play with your best performance. 

Mesh material on the majority of the shoe makes them soft and allows them to comfortably hug the feet to keep them secure. The material is also breathable, allowing your feet to remain cool and prevent a build-up of sweat. 

These are some lightweight shoes, so you’ll feel like you’re flying when you go for that jumper. In general, you should have more control and won’t feel weighed down. 

Also, a solid rubber sole provides stability and a solid grip as you play on smoother surfaces. The sole is also abrasion-resistant and will stop you slipping—you’ll feel more in control of your every move.

This sole combines well with the lace-up system for added stability, which also ensures your feet are securely in place while you’re running and jumping.


  • Rubber toe cap. 
  • Large toe box.
  • Great for wide feet.


  • Some users mention there’s limited ankle support.
  • Laces are very long, which is frustrating for some.
  • Size runs large, and the recommendation is to order half a size smaller.
  • Only available in one design.

5. Nike Kyrie Flytrap Basketball Shoes 

Are you a Kyrie Irving fan? Check these shoes out, then.

Large soles on these shoes provide good stability especially for flat feet, as they give you a wider surface area to play on. These soles are made of thick rubber, which provides excellent traction and grips the floor for added movement control. 

The outer sole is also curved, which helps to provide greater freedom of movement while you’re outsmarting your opponent.

The mesh design of the shoe provides great airflow so that your feet can breathe. This will be more comfortable since your feet will remain cooler. 

Zoom Air technology in the cushioning responds to your feet and their movement, giving you greater stability. There’s also added comfort with this while absorbing shock and preventing you from injuring your feet and ankles.

A large padded tongue adds to supporting your ankles, while the lace-up system also helps to keep your feet secure while moving. 


  • Seven different color options. 
  • Cushioning helps to reduce pain.
  • Rubber toe cap.


  • Small toe box.
  • Sizes run narrow for some with wide feet.
Basketball shoes

Slam Dunk Those Shoes

It’s important to consider a shoe’s stability, durability and support when choosing the best basketball shoes for flat feet.

With this in mind, I’m tipping the Adidas OwnTheGame Wide Basketball Shoes. They’re wide and roomy, giving you plenty of much-needed space for your flat feet. 

They provide excellent support for both the feet and ankles, which is important for reducing injury and minimizing the pain that running on flat feet can bring. They’re also of an excellent build and are designed to last.

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