Best Walking Shoes for Supination 

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best walking shoes for supination are, my top choices are the New Balance 608v5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainers for men and the Vionic Midi Perf Slip-On Shoes for women. 

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For some of us, walking is a pain-free, automatic, thoughtless activity. 

For others, though, just the simple act of walking a short distance can cause pain, discomfort, and misery.

Having supinated feet can be the reason for your pain. If this is an issue that affects your everyday errands and outings, don’t worry—I’ve researched and come up with the five best walking shoes for supination. 

Be prepared to be twice as active wearing one of these pairs of footwear! 

Here are my picks for the best walking shoes for supination:

How Do I Know If I Have Supinated Feet? 

If your shoes wear out quicker on the outer edge, chances are you’re a supinator. 

Supinated feet lean outwards, walking on the edges of the feet. The arches are often high, which causes the feet to be positioned that way. 

For a quick way to test your feet, wet them and stand on a piece of cardboard. If the footprints you leave behind are thick and heavy on the outside, but with little or no arch visible on the inside, you most likely have supinated feet.

If you’re unsure of how you’ve developed supinated feet, then common causes are:

  • Your genetics.
  • Ankle, foot or leg muscle weakness.
  • Wearing inappropriate shoes.
  • Related injuries.
  • Body alignment issues.

Common Problems Related to Supination 

Although many supinators never have problems, supination can come with some painful issues. 

Some common things to be careful of include: 

  • Plantar fasciitis.
  • Upper body pain, such as in the back and hips.
  • Ankle injuries.
  • Knee stress.
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What Should I Look for in the Best Walking Shoes for Supination? 

It’s important to know that the best walking shoes are not necessarily the best for running! I recommend not going for a jog with these, even if they do look like running sneakers. 

The best shoes for supination will have some key features: 

  • Cushioning. 
  • Stability. 
  • Breathability. 
  • Durability. 


Although the shock absorption of a running shoe isn’t necessary for a walking shoe, it still needs a decent amount of cushioning to make your walk comfortable. 

The footbed should be made of high-quality foam that’s firm but also gives way slightly for a little bounce. Many brands have their own cushioning technology, so watch out for these. 


You’ll want a shoe that isn’t going to be easy to walk out of, turn an ankle in or break due to normal walking mechanisms. 

A thick, durable sole and great ankle collar are good things to see on a really stable shoe. 


Whether you’re running errands or going to a family gathering, your feet need to breathe in their footwear. 

Mesh is a great fabric for allowing air in and keeping feet cool while on the go. Shoes made from hardier material will need to be creative when it comes to keeping feet cool. 

Some may use a mix of mesh and leather, for example. Others may choose to cut patterns into the leather to allow for airflow. 


Walking shoes definitely take less of a beating than sporting shoes, but they still need to be of a decent, durable construction. 

Materials like leather, mesh, textile and synthetic materials are decent for walking shoes. For the soles, rubber is the best bet. 

Leather is often waterproof, but others may not be, so you’ll need to waterproof them yourself, or simply avoid wearing them in wet weather. 

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The Best Walking Shoes for Supination 

Choosing the best shoes for supination can improve your quality of life more than you may think! Try out one of these pairs—you won’t be disappointed. 

1. New Balance Men’s 608v5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer Shoe 

Not only is this pair stylish and can be used for both dressy and casual occasions, but it’s comfy enough to be walking around in for an extended time. In particular, supinated customers report a comfy fit and a long-lasting shoe. 

The rubber sole and PU insert make for a sturdy and decently cushioned walk. There’s an enhanced ABZORB heel pad for extra comfort flex grooves on the outsole for flexibility and motion control. 

Also, the collar foam is dual-density for added stability around the ankle. An internal shank also helps to keep the foot in position and prevent unnecessary movement. 

Finally, they’re slip-resistant to ensure the safest walk possible. Just try not to get them wet, as they aren’t waterproof in any significant amount of water. 

Sizing runs from a 6.5 to an 18. You can choose a regular, wide, or extra-wide options in most of the sizes. 


  • PU insert. 
  • Faux-leather and mesh construction. 
  • Lightweight, but stable. 
  • ABZORB cushioning technology. 
  • Outsole flex grooves. 


  • Not waterproof. 
  • Customers report a narrow toe box. 

2. Vionic Women’s Midi Perf Slip-On Shoes 

These slip-on shoes have all the right amounts of cute, girly and supportive. 

The soft, perforated design is not only stylish and eye-catching, but it allows for comfort and airiness, as well. 

A feature that stands out is that podiatrists designed them, and the shoe has received the nod from the American Podiatric Medical Association. That, in itself, should indicate as to its high quality.

I like the thick, durable and solid rubber sole, which provides a great surface for walking. Also, customers with high arches and plantar fasciitis report extreme comfort, and these two conditions are known to be associated with supination. 

The footbed is removable, so if you have an orthotic or an insert that you prefer, it’s super easy to add it in. 

These slip-ons range from size 5 to 9.5. 


  • Nubuck leather. 
  • Thick rubber outsole. 
  • Removable EVA footbed. 
  • Endorsed by the APMA. 


  • Customers report these shoes running small. 

3. Orthofeet Men’s Oxford Shoes 

These stylish orthopedic shoes are designed specifically to provide optimal comfort to those who struggle with foot issues. They feature an ergonomic rubber sole with air pockets and a gel pad for extra cushioning. 

You can add a custom orthotic if you need added support, but the standard support is ample. An Ortho-Step orthotic insole and two removable “spacers” are included, which provide extra padding and adjust the internal space. 

The cushioning is great, with support coming from the sole, and foam padding providing extra softness on top of and behind the foot. 

For you supinators, the superior padding and arch support from the insoles have proven to help for many conditions related to supination, such as plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bunions, hammer toes and joint pain. 

They’re certified by Medicare and are considered to be qualified therapeutic shoes under the Diabetic Shoe Bill. That doesn’t mean you can only wear them if you’re diabetic, though. It just means they’re geared towards those with foot problems. 

Orthofeet also offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, which says a lot about its confidence in its product.

The size range is impressive, running from 7 to 14, in regular, wide, and extra-wide. 


  • Orthopedic shoes. 
  • 60-day money-back guarantee. 
  • Ergonomic sole. 
  • Multiple layers of cushioning. 


  • Not the most breathable shoes. 
  • Reports of the shoes running small. 

4. Viakix Hiking Sandals Women 

Some of us just prefer open-toed shoes, and if that’s you, these should attract your attention. 

This shoe is called a “hiking sandal,” which implies great stability and protection along with comfort. The EVA foam midsole with ergonomic arch support is comfortable and cushioned, whether you’re hiking or heading to the store. 

Also, the adjustable straps allow you to get a perfect fit for your foot. The tri-strap design in the front provides extra support and helps keep the foot in position. 

A strong but soft-on-the-skin ankle support keeps the foot from sliding or moving, increasing the stability and reducing the chance of injury while on the go. They’re also lightweight and waterproof, so they’re great for any walking environment. 

These shoes are currently available from size 6 to 9. 


  • Casual and comfy. 
  • Adjustable for a custom fit. 
  • Waterproof. 
  • EVA foam midsoles. 
  • Durable rubber outsole. 
  • Extremely versatile. 


  • The rugged straps can be tough on sensitive feet. 

5. SAS Time Out Men’s Tripad Comfort Leather Walking Shoe 

This offering from SAS is a slightly more casual design than the Orthofeet option above. However, they’re Medicare and diabetic-approved, with higher levels of comfort than the average footwear. 

SAS’s unique Tripad cushion system provides padding on the three most necessary parts of the foot—the inside ball, outside ball and heel. 

The cushioned pads also come with SSA’s Green Odor-Resistant technology, keeping your feet cool and fresh for as long as you wear them. 

Of note is the patented Lightweight Supersoft outsole, which is slightly wider than usual for added stability. Also, the SoftStep heel tech is impact-absorbing and makes for a lighter, bouncier walk. 

It’s made from premium leather, giving it a thumbs-up in the durability department. 

You can find these in sizes 6 to 15, with regular, narrow, wide, and extra-wide options. 


  • Leather construction. 
  • Medicare and diabetic-approved. 
  • Cushioned collar and tongue for extra comfort. 
  • Odor-resistant technology. 


  • One of the more pricey shoes. 
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Final Thoughts 

I feel that the best of the bunch are the New Balance 608v5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainers for men and the Vionic Midi Perf Slip-On Shoes for women. 

They’re both sturdy in construction, breathable and provide good support for those who struggle with supinated feet and any conditions that come along with it. 

Take the step and get yourself one of the pairs of shoes on this list. You might be surprised at how wearing one of the best walking shoes for supination makes a difference in your everyday activities. 

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