Best Sandals for High Arches

If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best sandals for high arches are, then I recommend the Clarks Women’s Lynette Trudie Sandal for women and the Adidas Performance Men’s Sandals for men. But if you want to see the other options, I have these for you, too.

Sandals by the sea

Looking for new footwear as summer approaches? Sandals are a fashionable choice and are great for around the office, for cocktails with friends or just when needing to chill out.

If you have high arches, you’ll require cushioned footwear with shock absorption to prevent injury or discomfort. I’ve found the perfect selections for you to choose from.

My top selections for the best sandals for high arches in 2020 are:

Sandals Buying Guide

Before I fly into the shoes themselves, you should be aware of some key features when shopping:

  • Arch support.
  • Toe design.
  • Sole type.
  • Materials.

Arch Support

One of the most important features for high arches is support. Most low-quality sandals have a stiff sole with no flexibility. This isn’t an issue for most looking to get a little protection from the hotel room to the pool. But, if you want to wear a pair of sandals for lengthy walks, you’ll need more support.

More specifically, choose footwear with a cushioned insole—preferably with more cushioning around the midsole. This feature helps to cushion the impact of you hitting the ground with your feet, while also keeping them stable to prevent injuries or discomfort.

Toe Design

You’ll come across a variety of closed and open-toe designs. Don’t worry if you aren’t keen on having your feet on show; opt for closed-toe sandals—some won’t even show your heels, either.

Alternatively, if you’ll wear the sandals in high heats, we recommend an open toe to allow hot air to escape from your footwear. Doing so will prevent odors from working, the fabric becoming worn and a reduction in blisters.

Sole Type

For the most durable soles, opt for rubber. This material is long-lasting and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Plus, it’s a great choice for walking across uneven grounds without feeling the surface under your foot.

If you want to reduce any weight on your foot, choose a lightweight material such as PU—polyurethane. This is flexible, helping with overall comfort and avoiding injuries, and provides excellent traction. 


The material your sandals are made of makes a huge difference to comfort, protection, and durability. Leather is the most hard-wearing material for shoes. It lends itself to an excellent lifespan since it’s resistant to general wear and tear.

Alternatively, fabric is a great budget-friendly option that remains soft against the skin. This material is flexible, allowing your feet to remain comfortable for long periods.

Treatment for High Arches

If you have high arches, you might experience regular pain or pronation. Fortunately, there are ways to treat any discomfort that prevents you from living your life.

Custom Footwear

The most effective treatment is to purchase footwear suitable for high arches. Your feet are shaped differently to those with a neutral arch, so you require additional protection. Keep a lookout for orthotic shoes, as these are dedicated to eliminating joint pain.

Physical Therapy

If you’re experiencing constant pain, don’t suffer in silence. Opt for a session with a physical therapist, who will improve your tendon flexibility and help with muscle toning. After several sessions of this and home devices, too, you’ll experience less discomfort from standing on your feet or walking all day.

Keep in mind that therapy isn’t going to stop injuries from occurring if you don’t get the necessary shoes!

Ankle Braces 

Those with high arches can experience weak ankles. Fortunately, braces help to eliminate any instability and prevent any supination as you stand.

The Best Sandals for High Arches

Sandals in the sand

With the above factors in mind, I’ve filtered through the options for the best sandals for high arches. My findings are suitable for an array of occasions and great for long walks during spring and summer.

All of the below options have a cushioned midsole, plus a durable outsole, making them suitable for walking on a range of surfaces.

1. Clarks Women’s Lynette Trudie Sandal

These sandals by Clarks are made of leather with a rubber sole, which makes them highly durable and a great option for long walks. They’re also lightweight to prevent any discomfort when picking your feet up.

The sandals use an OrthoLite molded footbed that’s cushioned to protect your arches. This feature also acts as a shock absorber, so you don’t experience any pain or discomfort each time you press your foot to the ground.

With a smooth synthetic lining, you don’t need to worry about the shoes irritating your feet after wearing them all day. This makes them well-suited for those on their feet all day and helps to eliminate blisters from forming.

The 0.5-inch platform is a stylish design that adds elegance—a great feature if you’re searching for footwear that’ll take you from day to night events. Also, the wedge heel helps to evenly distribute weight on your foot to prevent discomfort from having high arches.

The shoes are available in sizes 5 to 12.


  • High-quality leather material.
  • Cushioned padding inside.
  • Wide-fit options.
  • Shock-absorbing cushioning.


  • No straps for a secure fit.
  • Padding can make your feet sweat.

2. Adidas Performance Men’s Sandals

Looking for men’s sandals? These are available in seven colors and are a budget-friendly choice, making them ideal if you don’t wear sandals all the time.

My favorite feature is the synthetic upper that feels soft against your skin. This is also highly durable and prevents an uncomfortable strap on your foot.

The sandals offer a pillow-soft feel, thanks to the Cloudfoam Plus Technology. Not only does this support high arches from aches and pains, but allows the shoes to feel like slippers.

The rubber outsole is also cushioned. This additional layer of padding is a unique feature on these sandals and makes them stand-out footwear. Plus, the sandals only take a couple of wears to break in.

They’re available in sizes 4 to 18.


  • Extensive range of sizes.
  • Excellent cushioning for arch support.
  • Soft strap across feet.
  • Bounce effect when you walk.


  • No support at the back of the sandals.
  • Some reported a strange smell from the sole.

3. Bare Traps Women’s Beverly Open-Toe Casual Slide Sandals

For a casual sandal, I recommend this pair—they have a 1-inch platform to avoid hurting your heels if you walk around all day.

They also don’t come with straps, which is great if you’re looking for a shoe that’s easy to slip on and don’t want the hassle of buckles. In addition, the open-toe design allows you to present your perfectly polished nails and keep your toes cool, too.

With a flexible sole, you won’t thud against the ground with every step. This improves the durability of the shoes while also preventing you from feeling any impact with each pound on the pavement.

Designed with the brand’s Rebound technology, these shoes contain multiple layers of foam that cushion high arches and prevent any discomfort. Lastly, the sandals also have a slip-resistant tread to keep you safe as you travel across different surfaces.

The sandals are available in sizes 6 to 11.


  • Cushioned soles.
  • Easy to slip on without buckles.
  • Slip-resistant tread.


  • Only two color options.
  • No straps.

4. Skechers Men’s Elite Flex Shore Ridge Slide Sandal

Skechers incorporated a flexible design into this pair of sandals that allows them to adapt to your feet with every stride.

The rubber outsole makes them a durable option for walking on all types of surfaces, including soft sand and hard concrete. With a velcro strap, you can adjust the sandals to fit your feet—a great option if your feet expand in high temperatures.

The built-in arch support has exceptional cushioning to protect your feet with long walks. As such, you’ll develop fewer pains and discomfort when standing on your feet all day. The cushioned platform adds another layer of protection against your feet and the ground, which also helps to absorb impact.

Many customers are impressed with how soft these sandals are. They aren’t rigid and have a flexible design, which allows them to move with your feet—helping to prevent any cramps and pain.

These sandals are available in sizes 7 through 13.


  • Cushioned platform.
  • Durable velcro strap.
  • Rubber outsole for durability.
  • Excellent support and are soft.


  • No wide fit.
  • Only available in two colors.
  • No support for your heels.

5. Rockport Women’s Ridge Sling Sandal

Rockport designed these shoes for a casual feel, thanks to the low platform and limited gems or embellishments across the shoe. With an adjustable strap, you can customize the fit to suit your comfort and feet. This is great if they’re prone to expanding in different heats.

The textile lining keeps the shoes cool in hotter climates and always remains comfortable against the skin. With a rubber sole, they’re durable and great for long walks.

The design and outsoles are great for keeping your feet stable—a necessary feature for those with high arches. Plus, the cushioned footbed adds a high level of support if your feet are prone to aches and pains.

You’ll find the sizing ranges from a 6 to an 11.


  • Durable rubber sole.
  • Available in a wide fit.
  • Low platform for extended wear.


  • Toe post can be uncomfortable against the skin.
  • Sizes run small.


Finding the right footwear is critical to avoiding back injuries and joint problems. With this in mind, I declare the Clarks Women’s Lynette Trudie Sandal as the winner for females. The shoes are stylish and lightweight, helping you to feel at your best while also eliminating any joint pain when you wear them.

Some men find adidas sandals to be too flat, especially for high arches, but that’s why you should check out the Adidas Performance Men’s Sandals. They have that slight increase in sole profile to compensate for your high arches and have an excellent level of comfort.

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