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If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out what the best moccasins are, then we recommend the Minnetonka Men’s Pile Lined Hardsole Slipper as the best pair for men and the UGG Australia Women’s Dakota Moccasin as the best pair for women.


Slipping into a pair of the best moccasins you can find is a sweet relief. These traditional shoes bring comfort and fashion together into a shoe of pure bliss. They can relieve your feet after a day of harsher shoes, or even be your all-day shoe to keep you cozy throughout.

My top picks for the best moccasins are:

What to Consider When Buying Moccasins

The first thing to consider is how you intend to use the shoes. Moccasins make excellent slippers for around the house, but they can also be used outdoors. Then you can go about looking at the other elements to take into account.


Moccasins have become more and more popular over the years, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They can be tailored for any specific event that you may be attending. You can have a separate moccasin for each event or activity, be it formal, casual or all-around occasions. Moccasins that are used for regular activities are more likely to have a slight heel, which adds an element of elegance. Casual moccasins are the more regular ones they have a flat sole, and more skin is shown.

Finally, when you want a comfortable and versatile moccasin, that needs to be both functional and suitable. These will have a hard sole provide better arch and heel support, and thus, offer better comfort.

Material Type

Moccasins tend to be built out of 2 types of material. Either full grain leather or suede. The full grain leather is more durable and waterproof whereas the suede is softer and much more flexible than the leather.  


Deerskin is extremely soft and comfortable and is often used on the Moccasin’s innre layers.  


Moose skin is much more flexible and as result is the perfect choice for upper sections of a moccasin. 


The go-to material for most Moccasins. Cowskin is dried and treated and is used to make most moccasins that you come across. 


Sheepskin is noirmally mixed with leather this is done to help reinforce it. It’s very rare to find a Moccasin made purely of sheepskin for this reason. However you may find sheep’s wool on the inner layers or around the collar of Moccasins.

Type of Sole

Most people probably wouldn’t consider the shoe’s sole a deciding factor when buying shoes. But if you think about it, the soles are vital.

The sole is the buffer between you and the ground—it dictates your level of protection against rough surfaces. It’s part of what makes the shoe feel the way it does when in use. That’s why you need the right sole for your intent.


Slippers tend to be lightweight, so indoor moccasins should be the same way. Leather can be soft and light, so it’s one to consider.

Many moccasins offer a soft double leather sole. These are the ones you might want to go for when selecting moccasins for indoor use.

Alternatively, you could consider a thinner rubber sole. Rubber soles can usually withstand some outdoor use—perfect for walking to the mailbox and back in the morning. They’re excellent if you want some usage flexibility, as well as physical flexibility.


For day-to-day indoor and outdoor use, consider something a little tougher. A thicker rubber sole should protect you from abrasive outdoor surfaces. Rubber is often used in athletic and walking shoes, so you know it’s suitable.

Rubber also has excellent traction, which is desirable in any shoe. Many moccasins come with flat, smooth soles that don’t add traction at all. Luckily most of my picks avoid this issue.

Moccasin Outsole

Any shoes outsole is critical to both the traction and the comfort in every single step you take. Moccasins often have a wide range of outsoles depending on their projected use. For example moccasins that are designed for driving will have a thicker outsole with a textured grip.

This thickness and grip gives them a much better grip of the pedals. On the opposite end of the spectrum you have the more formal moccasins, these tend to have a lighter leather outsole but with no patterns or grips on the sole. This is done to ensure that they remain elegant and fit for purpose. And then you have your indoor slippers these will have a thick outsole but with a lighter grip to ensure they remain totally comfortable. 

Material Quality

Regardless of indoor or outdoor use, the material matters. I don’t think you’d want something flimsy that leaves you feeling exposed and barefoot.

Most moccasins are made of premium leathers, such as sheepskin, deerskin, and moosehide. But it’s easy to scrimp on these and leave you with a sub-par shoe—so look out for materials you know have to be tough.

I like suede in my moccasins. It’s among the tougher leathers, and it’s also durable. You don’t want to have to keep replacing floppy, torn-up shoes, do you?


Many moccasins are hand-sewn, but there’s nothing wrong with a machine-sewn shoe either. Machine-stitching tends to be more precise and tight in my experience, so it may hold up longer. Still, you can get away with both.

The thing to look out for is the quality of the stitching and the binding. If the stitches look large or loose, that’s probably not the shoe for you. However, if they look too tight, the shoe may be inflexible.

Examine areas of binding and make sure the stitches are tight and neat, but the shoe doesn’t look strained. Some visual tightness around the toe area should be fine. But if the strain is deforming or restricting the shoe, it may be time to look elsewhere.



Indoor moccasins are most often used as slippers, so you need the premium comfort. Fur linings, thick fleece and anything that makes you feel warm, comfortable and cozy.

A soft and flexible sole is also important in comfort. A hard sole would be like wearing no shoes at all. You need some level of support between you and the ground, but the soft comfort should remain. A softer leather sole, as I suggested for indoor moccasins earlier, should suffice for this.


Don’t get me wrong; you need comfort outside too. But perhaps not to the extreme-cozy level of indoor moccasins.

Thick, soft leather should be comfortable enough to support and entrance you. Add a supportive insole, and you may have the perfect shoe.

Moccasins probably won’t have tons of arch support, but some support is excellent. A flexible, forgiving rubber sole should provide enough support to keep pain at bay without being too bulky or athletic.

Types of Moccasins

There are so many designs out there, so how do you know which one to pick. To make it simple we’ve highlighted the 4 typical types that you will come across. These four types are your classic moccasins, boots, trainer or sneaker style and finally the driving moccasin.

The four types are the ones that you will come across the most when out shopping for your moccasins.  

Moccasin Boots

Thia type of Moccasin is aimed at the heavy-duty outdoor activities, e.g. hunting, trekking, fishing and climbing etc. They are made from thick leather, and as a result, are more durability and water resistant. The rubber outsole will have massive lugs and deep grooves to give you that extra bite whenplanting your feet on the earth.

Sneaker Moccasins

The sneaker type has similarities to your traditional or classic moccasin. They will have the same lose and comfortable fit in the upper area but you will get a thicker but still smooth rubber outsole for the bottom part of the shoe. So you get to both enjoy the feel of the upper but you also get the performance benefots from the outsole. 

Driving Moccasins

These tend to be a much classier shoe and what you get is an exquisitie mix of Native American and Italian shoes. The upper is constructed from a beautiful piece of genuine leather or suede. So you can enjoy the natural texture of the leather. Whilst, its rubber outsole will have rugged patterns that provide a good grip on your pedals.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it’s still important if you intend to wear your shoes out.

I picked five pairs of mainly traditional-looking moccasins, but the styling should work for a number of occasions. 

The classic style can suit both home use and semi-formal, business-casual occasions. They’re a smart shoe in general, forgoing any additional decal such as bows, common on some modern moccasins.

The Five Best Moccasins

I chose a few of my favorite moccasins for men and women to save you the trouble. Instead of researching the pros and cons of various shoes, you can make space in your shoe rack in the time you saved.

1. Minnetonka Men’s Pile Lined Hardsole Slipper

This pair of Minnetonka moccasins have the fur of a slipper and the sole of an outdoor shoe. They come in that timeless moccasin style, perfect for someone wanting to keep it classic.

The comfortable suede shoes feature a synthetic sole and clean visual binding. You can clearly see the sole is thick and protective, with a subtle tread pattern. The binding is sturdy, and the suede is thick and durable—providing everything you should want in a quality moccasin.

Boasting a cozy fit, these shoes are designed to stretch to the contours of your feet. They should learn to stay in that shape over time, ensuring they get more comfortable as you wear them. 

I think these shoes are versatile and can be worn for almost any occasion, indoors or outdoors. Once your foot is enclosed in the shoe’s comfort, the fur is hidden and the shoes look smart. An excellent pair of quality moccasins.


  • Versatile indoor-outdoor soles.
  • Made to stretch and snug fit.
  • Contour to your foot shape for lasting comfort.
  • Fur lined for warmth and padded feel.


  • The soles aren’t as flexible as the uppers, meaning in time the shoes may separate.
  • Not breathable, they may start to smell.

2. Ugg Australia Women’s Dakota Moccasin

Another pair of suede outdoor moccasins, this pair may be suitable for an array of occasions. These shoes encompass the traditional moccasin style, making them a classic shoe but with a modern touch. 

They’re stitched together neatly and securely, making these excellently crafted shoes. The stitching is visible so you can make sure everything is in place, but it doesn’t take away from the shoe’s visual. They remain stylish, with tight stitches that don’t pull the shoes out of shape.

These shoes from Ugg feature a rubber sole with a tread pattern. Many moccasins have flat, smooth soles that give you little traction during your use. This pair may be better suited to walking outdoors or on smooth surfaces compared to some others.

Wool will encompass your feet and keep them comfortable and warm, supporting you through the day. No need to worry if the wool’s warmth gets you sweaty—the sockliner wicks away moisture, which helps eliminate odors.


  • Soles with traction.
  • Woolly interiors for comfort.
  • Pleasant fixed bow detail.
  • Slip-on, for easy use.


  • Sizes may run large.
  • May be too narrow for some people.

3. Minnetonka Women’s Cally Faux Fur Slipper

A pile-lined pair of traditional looking moccasins, these firmly crafted shoes may make you believe you’ve stepped back in time. The subtle detail is amazing on these shoes, with a woven stitch on the heel looking like it could only have been done by hand. It’s not too tight, not too loose, just right for an intriguing feature on the back of the shoe.

These suede leather shoes are pleasant slip-on garments for indoor and outdoor use. The soles are thin, flexible and synthetic, marked with a cobble-like pattern for some traction as you walk.

Minnetonka makes sure all its shoes fit snugly, while stretching with your feet and molding to their shape. Almost like memory foam without the added bulk. This special construction gives almost a barefoot feel, but with more warmth, comfort and support.


  • Snug, molded fit for extensive comfort.
  • Classic moccasin look.
  • Sole with traction—great for maneuvering smooth surfaces or walking uphill.
  • Hand-stitched appearance.
  • Indoor and outdoor shoe.


  • They don’t stretch out lengthways as easily as they mold in other ways.
  • The interior lining may come loose and shed.

4. Amazon Essentials Men’s Leather Moccasin Slipper

If you’d like an easy slip-on shoe resembling loafers, these moccasins may be perfect for you. They keep the general moccasin look and construction intact with a less traditional overall aesthetic.

These moccasins are made of genuine suede with a faux fur lining and footbed. All the classic comforts you’d expect. 

The soles are rubber, but they’re thin. They’re optimized for indoor and light outdoor use. I wouldn’t go climbing any mountains or spending a day out in these.

The shoes have an overall sturdy construction, with well-done stitches not pulled too tightly for a flexible shoe. However, they’re really more for home use, a relief after a long day of harsh shoes.


  • Indoor shoes with sufficient soles for light outdoor use.
  • Cushy faux fur lining for warmth and comfort.
  • Durable rubber sole with traction.
  • Flexible sole and upper.


  • Narrow fit—avoid socks when wearing.
  • Padding may flatten out quickly.

5. Minnetonka Men’s Leather Laced Softsole Moccasin

If you’re looking for a shoe with a lightweight sole, here’s one where it’s made of leather. This pair of shoes are made of soft and supple suede, top to bottom, heel to toe. 

These traditional looking shoes feature a visually hand-stitched design near the top. You can see the stitching, which allows you to easily monitor how well it’s holding up. When new, it appears to be firm, but not pulling the shoe out of shape.

Comfort is enhanced by the shoes stretching and molding to the shape of your foot. Minnetonka seems to like ensuring its customers are well-fitted and satisfied. This pair of moccasins melt onto your feet.

These shoes lack the plush fur or wool the others have had. I feel this makes them less of a cozy comfort shoe and more of an active one. Fuzzy materials always scream “relaxation time” to me, so the lack of them on these makes me think they’re excellent shoes for housework, working from home and general home use. 

Perhaps you could swap out for something plusher in the evening when the productive day has ended. Another pair of moccasins, perhaps, but with a cozy lining this time.


  • Lightweight.
  • Soft leather sole.
  • Sturdy stitching.
  • No fuzzy materials, so no distractions during daily activities.
  • Shape to your feet and remember that shape.


  • Narrow fit.

The Perfect Pair

Blue Moccasins

I feel the best moccasins for men are the Minnetonka Men’s Pile Lined Hardsole Slipper. The versatility of indoor and outdoor use greatly appeals to me, along with the sturdy construction.

I particularly like the cozy lining. Perfect for keeping feet warm on colder days out and about.

For women, I’d have to go with the UGG Australia Women’s Dakota Moccasin. There’s something modern about this classic style that I like. Plus, I like how tight the stitching is while the shoes remain flexible.

A standout, for me, about the Dakota Moccasins is the moisture-wicking feature. With warm wool lining the insides, you’re sure to need it. I think that’s an ingenious thing to include in a shoe with such a lining. 

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